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The Results are in, Systems are a Go and Customers are Happy


Every year SelfLube is audited to make sure its quality procedures are intact and that customers are happy. The company is proud to announce it is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Coopersville, MI (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

As an ISO registered company, SelfLube a U.S. manufacturer of mold and die componentry, is required to undergo an annual audit of its quality system by an independent auditor. Just recently the company has completed its annual audit.

SelfLube regularly gets high marks from its ISO auditors and this year was no exception. After a rigorous review of its systems and procedures no non-conformances were found. "This isn't all that surprising," remarks Owner Phil Allor. "We are pretty serious about ISO around here. Unlike a lot of other companies, ISO isn't an add-on to some existing system that is dragged out once a year just prior to the annual audit. We use our ISO-system 24-7 for the simple reason that it is our quality system - our only quality system. Instead of multiple systems we have one system. This helps us focus our time and effort on getting things right."

Not content with just an audit, SelfLube also surveys its customers to find out what they think of its performance in four key areas:

~ Quality of the product
~ Understanding needs and priorities of customers
~ Meeting expectations for on time delivery
~ Satisfactory response by SelfLube personnel

"Audits are fine," explains Allor. "But, what is really important is not what the auditor thinks, it is what the customer thinks. We have a simple business model. We are here to serve the customer. And, the customer is the final arbiter of what we need to do or not do."

SelfLube's customer survey results aren't just filed away. Instead, they become the company's to-do list for continuous improvement. SelfLube has been working on these to-do lists for a long time and each year it gets a little better at what it does. "Listening to the customer is just smart business," remarks Allor.


SelfLube is a US based manufacturer of mold and die components such as bushings, gibs, wear strips, parting line locks, lifter slides and related items - 8,000 standard part numbers in all, many of which are self-lubricating. The company sells direct to build shops, which result in both better pricing and better customer service.

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