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San Diego Power Supply Company Joins Global Eco-Friendly Initiatives By Introducing Better Energy Efficiency Standards For Induction Lighting


San Diego power supply company joins Europe, Australia and Asia in bringing energy efficiency standards up to historic levels. Induction lighting has emerged as the top-choice to boost eco-friendly efforts and energy conservation. Tony Tsou, owner of Kenjitsu, provides a no-fail warranty for induction lighting to boost the efficiency of homes and businesses in San Diego.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

“We assure you that our induction lighting will save an average of 40-65 percent of energy as compared to mercury vapor or HID. This makes them the best choice for energy conservation efforts,” he adds.

Induction lighting is a technology that has been in existence for more than 100 years. Although used mainly for street lighting in the past, this technology has recently spread into municipal and commercial markets. The advancements in generator and electronic ballast technologies have made induction lighting a feasible choice for everyone's go green initiatives.

Induction lamps are similar to fluorescent lamps, releasing UV radiation that is transformed into white light, while fluorescent lamps utilize electrodes to initiate electrical current flow. Induction lamps utilize high-frequency generators that come with power couplers that create magnetic fields to produce light at a lesser cost in energy consumption.

Induction lamps are known to last much longer than fluorescent tubes that lack the same level of efficiency. Induction lights last to a maximum of 100,000 hours, seven times as long when compared to fluorescent lighting and metal halide.

“Emitting 85+ lumens per watt, our induction lighting products stand by their promise of being efficient energy savers. They also come with a custom designed ballast casing and aluminum molding for their ballast chest, offering maximum heat dissipation, durability and safety,” Tsou states.

He points out, “These characteristics are backed by our no-fail warranty on all of our induction lighting products. This also proves our long-standing principle of knowing our products work only when they do not fail.”

In addition to induction lighting, Kenjistsu offers outdoor induction lighting, indoor lighting and special lighting options. Their outdoor lighting products include street lights, spot lights, gas station lights and flood lights, while office ceiling lights and high or low bay lights are among their indoor lighting products. All their outdoor lighting has an IP rating of 65 while their indoor lighting is IP rated at 43.

The San Diego Uninterrupted power supply systems company has been in business for 20 years. The Kenjitsu team is dedicated and devoted to research and development, which has allowed them to develop top-quality product lines. Although based in San Diego, Kenjitsu offers products worldwide.

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