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North Texas Foot & Ankle Introduces Innovative Treatment for Patients Suffering from Toenail Fungus


Irving Podiatrists at North Texas Foot & Ankle Are Now Able to Treat Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis) With Specialized Noveon Laser Treatment Technology

Irving, TX (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

The leading podiatry specialists at North Texas Foot & Ankle are proud to offer Noveon Laser Treatment, a safe and effective treatment option for patients suffering from infected and fungal toenails, also known as onychomycosis.

Noveon Toenail Laser Treatment uses a patented dual-wavelength laser technology to target nail fungus cells precisely and disrupt fungal cell metabolism. The fungus cells in the nail bed die, but healthy tissue is preserved. This helps to advance the recovery process, with virtually no side effects.

In addition to the patented light wavelengths, the Noveon Toenail Laser sets itself apart from other laser treatments because it is a fully automated device. Instead of a handheld laser wand, the Noveon uses “patient guards” and a highly-sophisticated pre-programmed algorithm to deliver the precise dosages of light energy. The specialized patient guards ensure that the laser beam is held at exactly the correct distance and angle from the surface of the nail. The automatic operation reduces laser exposure risk for both patient and physician.

The treatment is performed in the office, which is simple and painless. The probes are placed on the affected nails, and the treatment takes 17 minutes. Patients will feel warmth on the nailbed, but it is not painful. Noveon Laser Nail Treatment is extremely effective. The success rate is comparable or slightly better than oral anti-fungals.

“We have been extremely pleased with the new nail laser technology. Patients have seen incredible results,” says North Texas Foot & Ankle Podiatrist, Dr. Ronica Holcombe, “In some cases we have seen improved appearance of the nails even if they had previously failed oral anti-fungal treatment. The procedure is painless but most importantly it works!”

For additional information about Noveon Laser Nail Treatment, visit or contact North Texas Foot & Ankle at (214) 574-9255.

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