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As Mortgage Rates Begin to Rise, Mortgage Hands Offers Home Buyers a Customized Solution to Lower Costs


Even though mortgage rates are still considerably low historically, reports reveal percentages have been rising steadily over the last few weeks. Mortgage Hands offers customized solutions so that customers can still obtain a low-cost mortgage, even if rates continue to climb.

texas (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

Last week, mortgage rates rose every day, moving closer to 3.5%, according to Matthew Graham of Mortgage News Daily. With rates slowly climbing, it is possible homebuyers will not see record low percentages again. Julian Hebron, Branch Manager and Loan Agent for RPM Mortgage states, “The rate spike this week should remind borrowers to not get too complacent about rates. This week alone, rates are up .25%. Improving U.S. Economic data, near-term optimism about solutions in Europe, and fee hikes imposed on lenders by Fannie/Freddie are all factors contributing to higher rates near term.” While homebuyers have enjoyed low rates for a long period of time, signs reveal this will not last much longer. As the trend continues, mortgage customers must be concious and take intentional measures to keep costs down.

Mortgage Hands Title Company offers customized solutions for customers, so that even as rates rise they can still find a low cost mortgage. Handling mortgage rates alone can be confusing, time consuming and money wasting. Even with title companies, fees quickly add up as professionals tag on points to raise commission on the loan, making the cost of buying a home unmanageable. Without a company customers can trust, it becomes hard to wade through decisions that will cut costs and hard to know how to work around fees, on top of handing rising mortgage rates. Mortgage Hands offers a three-step loan program that enables their specialists to provide customers with low rates for home loans in Dallas, home loans in Ft. Worth, home loans in Mckinney and home loans in Plano. This company selects loans that fit each customers individual needs, taking several measures to cut costs, including using government programs that offer benefits and discounts, eliminating unnecessary fees, and working with other area title companies that agree to remove extraneous costs that raise commission. In addition, Mortgage Hands fortifies their commitment to connect their customers to low cost mortgages by offering to pay for their clients' appraisal fees and reduce costs by up to 30%. If a customer decides to take their business to another company, Mortgage Hands will still provide a list of fees that other business should be able to eliminate.

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