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Ivy Child International Launches Pediatric Research Fellowship: An Opportunity to Advance the Field of Child Health


A recent decline in the number of pediatric researchers has threatened to slow the advancement of the field of child health. Ivy Child International, a Massachusetts based non-profit organization is launching a research fellowship program to develop a generation of world-class researchers to advance the field of child health and to assist in the creation and refining of Ivy Child International's curricula.

Worcester, MA (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

Ivy Child International (Ivy Child), a cross-cultural positive psychology non profit, is offering post-doctorate students the opportunity to participate in Ivy Child's research fellowship program.

According to a study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics, research on child health is imperative for medicine to advance in a direction that will improve the well-being and health of children. The number of pediatric residents pursuing a career in primary care has increased throughout the past few decades and, thus, this has lowered the number pursuing pediatric fellowships, which are the most common training pathways for researchers. Despite the fact that the general expectation of fellowship training has been to create pediatricians with academic oriented careers, many fellowship-trained pediatricians are choosing to pursue clinical-oriented careers and, thus, participating in a research fellowship does not destine pediatricians to an academic career, but can allow them to create their own career that is focused on both the research and clinical aspects of pediatrics.

Ivy Child International is offering post-doctorate students the opportunity to participate in their pediatric research fellowship. This is a newly launched program that will give the fellows the opportunity to work with an international non-profit organization and to further develop their research skills while helping Ivy Child International develop their curricula in a way that will best meet the needs of children.

Ivy Child's one-year Fellowship Program aims to train and develop a new generation of expert investigators who can help advance the field of child health. Their research contribution helps improve the capacity of institutions that are already in place working with children.

Fellows' research-based contributions ensure our programs and solutions directly meet the needs of children by linking the rigor of academic research to the accessibility of the health movement. Our training examines key issues such as access, quality, outcomes and cost-effectiveness of care. Diverse in nature, Ivy Child Fellows' research projects share the goal of improving transcultural mental health care. In order to ensure the quality of our projects, the research aligns with that of the Institute of Medicine-care that is safe, effective, timely, efficient, patient centered, and equitable.

Ivy Child is seeking a variety of individuals to participate in their Research Fellowship who are committed to positive impact in our children. A variety of expertise will ensure that the research the fellows produce is actionable, rather than merely explanatory, and this cutting edge work will enable Ivy Child to develop new methods that translate findings into healthcare practice, policy and innovative curricula.

With this initiative, Ivy Child strives to bridge the gap between Ivory Tower and Main Street through this unique sustainable model for translating the vast body of academic research on cross-cultural positive psychology into practical solutions for those providing hands-on, direct care services to children and adolescents.

Ivy Child's initiative sets an opportunity for strong candidates to jump-start programs based on academic research. Candidates must display excellence in their previous endeavors, and be dedicated to impacting the lives of underserved children. In addition, the research is essential to ensure the organization's sustainability in striving to develop research based innovative curricula that are key for potential grant-funded projects.
Ivy Child is now accepting applications for their research fellowship program.

Ivy Child offers programs for kids, teens, caregivers, educators and research such as Bullying Prevention and Leadership, Yoga and Mindfulness for kids and for the holistic well being of pediatric cancer patients, Multicultural and Music Education, to teach conflict resolution skills, self-regulation, and cultivate cross-cultural understanding in schools, after-school programs and community centers. Read more about these programs by visiting:

To partner with Ivy Child or for an interview, please contact:
Rose Pavlov, Founder of Ivy Child International, by phone: 508-299-7905 or via email: rpavlov(at)ivychild(dot)org.

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