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Biotech Company, UV Technologies, Announces Photo-Oxidation as a Preventative Measure against the Cold and Flu this School Season


With the new school year in session, the risk of getting a cold or flu has now increased. UV Aid's photo-oxidation process acts as a preventative measure against these common ailments. Through this natural process, photo-oxidation kills germs to help stay healthy for the new school year.

(PRWEB) October 30, 2012

UV Technologies, a biotech company, has introduced UV-Aid® to help prevent the cold and flu this school year. UV-Aid is a ground breaking technology that uses the natural process of photo-oxidation through its light to kill germs that cause the common illnesses that are so easily contracted at school.

The average American child has six to 10 colds a year. There are approximately 500 million colds suffered annually leading to over 100 million doctor visits at an estimated cost of 8 billion dollars per year. Due to the close contact children are in at school, germs are picked up mostly through air and enter through the ear, nose, and throat. Through use of UV-Aid and its process of photo-oxidation, a majority of these germs are eliminated.

How exactly does it work? The process is quite simple. The light emitted by the UV-Aid is shined into your nose, mouth, and ear cavities to kill germs where the infections start. Through the process of photo-oxidation, your skin produces hydrogen peroxide in these areas. Hydrogen peroxide is an effective & safe disinfectant. Once the hydrogen peroxide has performed its task of killing germs, the body breaks it down into the harmless products of water and oxygen.

A recent reviewer on Facebook spoke of a morning routine that is followed: “For my children who are in public school: a healthy breakfast, vitamins and supplements, dressed, teeth brushed, and UV-Aid in the ears, nose and throat. Every morning we are putting it through the ultimate test against PSD (public school disease).”

UV-Aid and the photo-oxidation process are extremely safe. A full day of UV-Aid treatments (about 20 seconds) is equivalent to less than 1 second in the sun. It can be used up to four times a day, in the morning, before bed, and anytime during the day a child may be exposed to someone who is sick or symptoms of sickness are felt.

After two years on the market, UV-Aid has had a 100% customer satisfaction rating. UV-Aid users that used to suffer an average of five to six colds per year are now reporting an average of zero to one per year.

Another Facebook testimonial also speaks of a routine of a UV-Aid user: “We use this product and it does work. Twice daily: In the morning before school and then when my children come home. It has helped reduce the instance of ear infections. I had stopped for about two weeks and then my daughter got the bad ear infection she now has.”

About UV Technology, LLC:
UV Technologies, LLC's mission is to provide the best and most innovative products for customers' health and well-being. Our company takes great pride in its commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. UV-Aid helps prevent colds, flu, sore throats, sinus, and ear infections through the process of photo-oxidation. iTanSmart is a free App. developed to help manage exposure to the sun. UV Technologies promises to bring you the safest and most innovative products to live a healthier, more productive life. UV Technologies is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Visit for more information.

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