Market Overview Sales Rep Software Finds Setting Expectations with New Salespeople Results in 3X More Success


CallProof's Activity Coaches combine their 15+ years of sales management experience with CallProof's iPhone and Android app to build a successful and trackable sales team.

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) October 30, 2012 not only provides a sales activity app for Android and iPhone, they pair businesses with experienced Activity Coaches to improve sales results. These coaches use the app to make sure that sales staff are doing the necessary sales activities to reach their goals. Participation greatly increases the overall success of a sales staff up to3X according to company data.

“We have found if you set expectations with new salespeople from day one, the success of that salesperson increases three times over that of a salesperson that doesn't receive a consistent level of expectations,” said Hartline (see, “Do I Need to Track my Salesperson?”). “By having an Activity Coach you can hold your staff accountable. You will see a higher level of involvement. We've found it especially effective for organizations that don't have the traditional sales management channels to manage their outside sales organization.”

Activity Coaches work on an activity plan for the year which is broken down by month and week. The coach and salesperson base the plan on agreed minimum requirements from the “company” and their own goals. The numbers are not arbitrary; rather they are based on input from the company, realistic expectations, income expectations and past experience.

The system does not rely on nagging or wishful thinking; instead it's based on easily trackable sales activity. “Everyone needs an accountability buddy. If your organization has a sales manager in most cases that is their job, yet some businesses don't have a sales manager or someone to check in with salespeople to help them improve. An Activity Coach fills that role – not as the boss – but as a leader.”

“By using, Activity Coaches will know when sales staff make their first calls for the day to the last call made for the day. Having this level of detailed activity means coaches can see the overall level of effort a salesperson is putting into hitting their goals. The coach can offer suggestions to management on how to improve the effectiveness of their salespeople,” said _____.

Along with getting stats, Activity Coaches can listen to actual sales calls (using CallProof's call recording feature) to determine the quality of calls being made.

Activity Coaches are independent professionals with a minimum of 15 years of sales management experience. They use Call Proof for reporting of daily sales activities and communicate weekly with salespeople from small sales organizations all over the country. They know what can be expected from sales teams across various industries and company sizes. Activity Coaches are usually retired or under-employed veterans that are looking to supplement their income and work a schedule that fits their lifestyle. Find out more about becoming an Activity Coach at

Each Activity Coach is paired with clients based on industry experiences and are tested through CallProof's personality profile. Engagement with Activity Coaches can last for one month (for a new hire) or year-round. Organizations that need the services of an activity coach can reach out to and a specialist will work hard to pair each business with the right coach.

About CallProof

Call Proof allows owners and sales manager a simple way to see sales activities with very little input from sales staff. CallProof also provides sales professionals with an easy way to input data without being distracted from selling. With the CallProof Android or iPhone app call logs are automatically reported to the cloud platform where sales managers can see calling activity to customers and prospects in real time. Salespeople can sort their customers based on where they are located then “check” into an appointment. This allows managers to see what face-to-face visits their sales teams are making in real time.

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