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The Book "A Day with an Extraterrestrial", Soon to be Made into a Screenplay by the Author of the Book, Lou Baldin, Claims That Strange Beings Abduct People Everyday


Baldin states unequivocally that hair-raising, spooky creatures from other dimensions or other worlds have taken people into their web of dimensions, terrorizing people into new realities and shattering any feelings of invulnerability they may have previously had.

Kansas City, Missouri (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

In the book, "A Day with an Extraterrestrial," Baldin said that an Alien being disguised as a human made contact with a man while he was jogging one morning before going to work. The Alien being was jogging also, and knew everything about the man he was about to abduct and forcefully take into his ship, which was hidden in the woods near the trail. Other joggers were on the trail and the Alien waited for them to clear away before making his move on his selected target, said Baldin. Baldin states that such abductions of humans are more common than most people care to know about. Baldin says that most people remember nothing about their abductions, and that those very people often claim that people who do remember bits of their abductions and talk about such, are delusional or mentally challenged.

According to Baldin, the media and government agencies such as NASA, ridicule people and astronauts that claim to have witnessed strange celestial phenomena and unidentified flying objects (UFOs) on a regular basis. Trivializing and belittling people who dare to speak of such things is an effective way of keeping people from spreading things about the paranormal world, says Baldin.
Baldin states that witch hunts are and have been an effective means of keeping the populations focused on the illusions that the powers of the land wish for their people to believe in, and ridicule is equally an effectual means of keeping people in their place.

Excerpt from the book, "A Day with an Extraterrestrial": A bluish vapor illuminated the inside of the Alien ship like that of a fluorescent tube filled with electrified gas. A corridor wrapped around the interior perimeter where portholes (windows) gave a view of the outside. A wall on the opposite side of the windows concealed the interior of the alien ship. Sound from the outside did not penetrate the ship and a deep silence surrounded me, the only noise was the rapid beating of my heart. Whatever powered the ship wasn't noticeable. I passed into the interior of the ship and into a spooky room and then I noticed that I was not touching the floor and I became paralyzed with fear. My arms were at my sides as if I were standing at attention. The temperature in the room was cold and vapor came out of my mouth as if I were in a walk-in freezer at a butcher shop.

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