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VectorStock Now the Largest Royalty Free 'Vector Only' Stock Agency


Vector images have many advantages over pixel based images, especially in the design of web elements such as buttons, cartoons and animations. VectorStock now boasts the largest online library of vector only imagery in the world.

(PRWEB) October 30, 2012

VectorStock have the largest royalty free ‘vector only' stock agency in the world. Every week they add thousands of new premium vector graphics. Whether they are for global advertising agencies or for a freelance graphic designer, VectorStock have the vector graphics to make a project come to life. Buy vectors or sell vectors or both. VectorStock images have many advantages and their vector graphics are continually becoming more advanced and users are able to do a lot more with vector drawings now than they could a decade ago. Today's vector tools allow the application of bitmapped textures to objects giving them a photo-realistic appearance. This allows users to create soft blends, transparency and shading that once was difficult to achieve in vector drawing programmes.

Another advantage of vector images is that they're not restricted to a rectangular shape like bitmaps. Vector objects can be placed over other objects and the object below will show through. Vector images and vector clip art primarily originate from special conversion software. However, vector images can quite easily be converted to bitmaps. This process is called rasterizing. By converting a vector image to a bitmat, the user can specify the output resolution of the final bitmap for whatever size is needed.

This software is very user-friendly, making using vector graphics in your website design so much easier. This means the user can design really beautiful images using their various tools. Also, the elements of royalty free vector graphics can be edited separately which means the complete image doesn't need to be edited. Instead, the parts needing to be edited can be selected and worked on without negatively affecting other parts of the design.

As in anything to do with websites, the end user should always be kept in mind, that is the viewer of the website. If the website viewer has to wait for ages just to see an image, they will lose patience and move on to another site. This is the last thing a client needs for their website. Vector images are very small in size and load much faster, therefore retaining the viewer on the site, which is the main purpose of the website.

Royalty free vectors are an ideal choice for animation and caricatures and they can create high quality animated graphics. Vector graphics supply great versatility because they can be customised in any way the user wants. VectorStock is a specialised stock agency, specifically developed to represent the best vector images, graphics and icons. For more information on VectorStock, go to their website at

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