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Hurricane Sandy Starts Flood Even Before Landfall; Green Bean Buddy Says Mold Problems Are to be Expected Days After


Reports have it that even before its predicted landfall, Hurricane Sandy already started flooding a number of places. And according GreenBeanBuddy,com, mold problems are then to be expected following it.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 29, 2012

Even before it landed, Hurricane Sandy flooded a number of places. Based on a report from, several parts of New Jersey and Maryland were already underwater hours before Sandy's landfall. And with the high amount of water that goes with it, Green Bean Buddy said that mold problems were also to be expected.

According to the report, New York could get the worst from the storm. It said that it could bring the city 11-foot water wall that could flood the subways and knock out electric power lines and communication networks.

However, also based on the report, even hours before the expected landfall of the hurricane, which was Monday evening, a number of areas in New Jersey and Maryland were already underwater. Apart from that, a separate update from said that about half a million houses were also without electricity.

Read below the excerpt from the post Hurricane Sandy Knocks Out Power, Starts Flood Even Before Landfall by Green Bean Buddy.

“Even before it landfalls, Hurricane Sandy already showed its ferocity. Thousands of residents were already without electricity and several states were already started flooding.

Dubbed as Superstorm and Frankestorm, Sandy is predicted to make landfall Monday evening. Traveling at 28 miles per hour with wind extending up to 175 miles from its center as of 2 pm, it is expected to lash out worst at New York. And with high wind and rain, it was that could bring in an 11-foot wall of water.”

According to Green Bean Buddy, with the high level of water that goes with Hurricane Sandy, flooding will surely happen. And after the water subsided, it said that mold problems are to be expected.

However, it stated that with Moldeizer, one could restore his or her mold-damaged items and surfaces. As it explained, Molderizer is safe to use on any material as it is made with organic ingredients. And because it is also safe for health and is effective, it asserted that it is the best that anyone can get.

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