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British-based health and beauty guru Leslie Kenton reveals a safe, natural secret for wrinkle-free skin


Leslie Kenton, award winning health and beauty expert, talks about wrinkles and a natural supplement to help keep skin young.

San Francisco, California, (PR Web) (PRWEB) October 29, 2012

“Astaxanthin is one of the most important nutritional supplements ever discovered,” says Leslie Kenton, British-based health and beauty expert. “I take it every day.”

In a short video Leslie, 71, reveals that she credits the health and smoothness of her skin to daily supplements of a powerful antioxidant called Astaxanthin. This plant-based substance has recently caught the eye of scientific researchers. “Astaxanthin may turn out to be the most powerful antioxidant there is. It is 65 times more powerful than vitamin C,” says Leslie.

Astaxanthin is a carotinoid - something that gives plants and vegetables such as carrots their bright pigment. It helps protect a plant's life-giving chlorophyll from damage from sunlight. It can do the same thing for skin. Astaxanthin itself comes from the algae that give flamingos and wild salmon their characteristic orangy-pink color. Its job is to help the algae to survive when it dries out in the baking sun.

Taken in supplement form it's not surprising then that Astaxanthin's benefits include protection from UV damage to the eyes and skin. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory used by athletes, from weekend enthusiasts to endurance runners, to improve stamina. Some scientists believe it can be useful in slowing the proliferation of breast cancer cells, and may even help protect people against nuclear radiation.    

Leslie Kenton reveals that she has been taking Astaxanthin daily for several years to keep her skin strong and protected from the signs of ageing. As an award-winning writer, broadcaster and expert on health and beauty with a reputation for cutting-edge research, she ought to know.

Leslie Kenton has written more than three dozen best-selling books for Random House UK. She conceived and created the worldwide Origins range for cosmetic giant Estee Lauder. A former consultant to European Parliament for The Green Party and course developer for Britain's Open University, Leslie is trained in Chinese Medicine, nutrition, homeopathy and bioenergetics. She was the first Chairperson of the Natural Medicine Society in the UK. Her contribution to natural health was honored by her being asked to deliver the McCarrison Lecture at The Royal Society of Medicine. According to The London Times, “Leslie is the guru of ageless aging.”

Leslie's video on Astaxanthin, along with other revelations from the cutting-edge of science, health and personal development, can be seen on her website

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