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Hurricane Sandy Stress Management Tips: Provides Stress Tips for Anxiety, Sleep, Depression by Stress Relief Expert & Author Susie Mantell


Hurricane Sandy reminds us all that forces of Nature can run wild in unpredictable, frightening, and devastating ways. For those who experience increased stress, anxiety, depression or sleep problems during, or following, a natural disaster, stress management expert and author Susie Mantell now shares a wide variety of free stress relief techniques, as well as her award-winning relaxation CD “Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace” on

Chappaqua, New York (PRWEB) October 29, 2012

When a major weather event such as Hurricane Sandy is predicted, first we scramble to prepare, in ways that are in our control. Dan Bradford, of suggests, "As long as we're in motion, most of us are okay. It's when we close the door and settle-in to ride out the storm, that many people begin to experience escalating stress and anxiety, insomnia and fear, in tense anticipation of Who-Knows-What.” Natural disasters remind us that Nature can run wild in unpredictable, potentially devastating ways. News reports are critical to stay informed, yet watching The News 24/7 can significantly increase anxiety for some. It's important to strike a balance so that we'll know if there's something we should do, without torturing ourselves by viewing the same frightening images again and again.

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Bradford continues, “In the aftermath of such a massive event comes another flood -- This one is emotional.” Whether we've sustained damage, loss, or blessedly been spared, there's a spectrum of emotional responses that people need to process over the days and weeks following an event like Hurricane Sandy. Stress management expert Susie Mantell customizes stress reduction for clients including New York Hospital, Citibank, Ford, AETNA, Verizon, Coca-Cola, and renowned Canyon Ranch Health Resorts. Now, Mantell provides free online stress tips on a wide range of stress-related topics. offers Mantell's powerful, practical drug-free stress management techniques for diminishing symptoms associated with stress and anxiety, depression and worry, as well as strategies that support restful sleep.

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Lives can be forever changed by violent weather, and even for those fortunate enough to fare well, there can be residual stress and sleep difficulty that may take some time, and perhaps skilled professional support, to process. Before, and following, Hurricane Sandy, one of Mantell's stress management tips in particular, titled “Extreme Stress and Fear in Times of Crisis or Uncertainty may provide some suggestions to those affected.

Susie Mantell is the award-winning author of the guided meditation CD for deep relaxation, “Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace,” (“BEST AUDIOS AWARDS” –Publishers Weekly). Listeners include The Mayo Clinic, The Betty Ford Center, Sloan-Kettering, and men and women in all walks of life who need a great night's sleep. Director of The Workplace Trauma Center, Richard Ottenstein, Ph.D. says of Mantell's work, "In my work as a psychological trauma specialist, I'm always looking for tools that can help people to manage their stress and anxiety. "Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace" is extremely well done and effective in helping to reduce stress.“ The Los Angeles Times Health Section says, "Peace for you alone. Mantell takes listeners on a gentle journey, effortlessly floating worries and stress away." Brigham & Womens Hospital's Mary Louise Corradino adds, “We keep copies of her relaxation CD on the oncology, burn and transplant units, and in our patient library.” Like an easy chair, with a voice described as ‘liquid, ' Billboard says, "For anyone tense from the stress of modern life, a wonderful way to relax. Soft, lovely music, warm, soothing voice helps the listener achieve a peaceful, relaxed state and feel refreshed and rested afterward."

Susie Mantell also provides online stress tips to relieve symptoms associated with work-related stress, parenting and divorce, as well as coping with the stress of chronic illness or cancer, pain, caregiving and eldercare, holidays, addiction, and worry. In addition, Mantell shares positive strategies to enhance quality of life, healthy aging and peace of mind.

QUICKTIP: Make a list on your computer titled, "What to Do to Prepare for a Storm." Do it today, while it's all still fresh in your mind. Document everything you've done to prepare, what/where your emergency supplies are, important phone numbers, and what goes into your "Go" bag, so that if you're ever faced with another big storm, you'll know just what to do!

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Based in Westchester County, NY, Relax Intuit™LLC is a highly ethical provider of nationally acclaimed stress relief expert Susie Mantell's seminars for corporations and medical professionals, and her award-winning guided imagery meditation for relaxation, "Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace."(CD) Mantell also provides individual stress management phone consultations by appointment. and Susie Mantell's work are intended as an adjunct to, never a substitute for, professional health care. Visitors and clients should always consult their own licensed medical and mental health professionals regarding any practice or suggestion that might in any way affect an individual's health or safety. Twitter @relaxintuit

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