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During the Frankenstorm, Don't Boredom-Bust with Technology, says Dr. Bonnie!


As the East Coast weathers the affects of Hurricane Sandy, relationship therapist Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil suggests spending face-to-face time with loved ones as opposed to screen-time with a computer or TV!

(PRWEB) October 29, 2012

Much of the East Coast is home from work and school, in anticipation of the affects of Hurricane Sandy. Relationship therapist Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil says the temptation will be to watch a movie or surf the internet while there's power. But instead she suggests snuggling in with your partner and family. "Take this time to enjoy each other's company, to hug your children - but stay away from technology! Have fireside - or candleside - chats with your partner and make the storm fun and romantic!"

While it's important to stay safe, physically, this is also a good time to work on emotional and relational health says Dr. Bonnie. People typically spend more time inside during a hurricane than they would even in a snow storm, and they may be edgy about the weather.

This, says Dr. Bonnie, gives couples a chance to connect and spend more time together than they would normally. In her book, Make Up, Don't Break Up, Dr.Bonnie mentions that weather can be a catalyst for physical intimacy. It's of course important to do everything possible to stay safe physically, but there are some emotional benefits to be gleaned from this experience if we can slow down and notice them.

Conversely, bad weather can make people nervous, claustrophobic, foster addictions and increase eating. Some people may use this as an excuse to further their bad habits, but instead of relying on these crutches – which really just exacerbate the stress and nervousness – make time with your partner for snuggling, talking and kissing. Don't just watch television, says Dr. Bonnie! Instead, use this time productively, to connect with your partner and deal with any problems that arise in a healthy way.

And stay safe!

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