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Not All Agree with Website's Dating Advice

Share: shares dating advice in a portion of their site. Through social media they have found that not everyone agrees with their point of view, but the writers say that is not what is important.

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) October 29, 2012

Recent social media activity shows that not everyone agrees with the dating advice offered at is a newer website that provides dating advice as well as reviews on today's top dating sites.

One specific article on the topic of "how often to say I love you" has been getting a lot of attention from people who agree with the opinions of the writers, as well as people who disagree.

In summary the article states that the phrase "I love you" actually should not be shared very often between members of a committed relationship.

The writers say that people use the phrase when they wake up in the morning, get off the phone, receive a gift from their partner, and even after they've done something wrong. They say that in all of these cases, people actually mean something other than "I love you" when they are saying it. They writers say they really mean things like "good morning," "goodbye," "thank you," and "I'm sorry."

The article goes on to say that "By interchanging 'I love you' with these more common daily phrases, the term 'I love you' is now commonplace and is not special at all. So its meaning is really lost among most couples. They say the phrase, but they don't entirely know what it means or the importance of it."

The site says that in order to remedy this problem of the lost meaning of "I love you," people should not say the phrase as a filler or replacement word, only say it when they really mean "I love you" and nothing else, and say it equal to or less than once per day.

After posting the article to one of the writer's personal social media sites, it received both negative and positive reactions.

"I totally disagree with this article," one reader said. "I think the more we say I love you (and truly mean it), the better a relationship becomes. Most don't say it (and mean it) as they fear intimacy."

Another reader responded, "To only say I love you once a day... NOT happening."

"I like hearing it," said another. "I think of it as a reinforcement."

One who agreed with the article said this, "This phrase is meant to convey the emotion of all emotions. A connection and feeling that is unrivaled in all humanity. Doesn't it deserve more respect than a simple greeting? Doesn't it deserve more effort than simple words?... What good does it do to express your love if your partner does not truly hear it because they are numbed from hearing it ten times a day?... If you need to... feel this reassurance (that many) times per day, shouldn't that be a red flag that your insecurities within your relationship point to a much deeper problem?"

When asked about peoples' reaction to their article, the writers said that even though they are getting some backlash from readers, they are glad that the article is being talked about.

"Everyone is open to their own opinion," one writer said. "And what's important is that people are taking time to think about their relationships and the way they show their love. Personally I've had bad relationships, and I've had good relationships and I know that implementing this strategy in my relationship has made me truly appreciate the words 'I love you,' instead of just expecting to hear them multiple times per day."

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