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Primitive Customs Still in Practice Near the Hills of Tibet: Murmur of the Lonely Brook By Debashis Dey


“She knew she could not contest the decision; she had to accept it. If she didn't she would be marked as an outcast and thrown out of the house. There would be no place she could go...” Did you know that customs and rituals 5000 years old are still common in the remote foothills of the Himalayas? Murmur of the Lonely Brook – a debut novel by Debashis Dey is a fiction based on hard facts.

Rakcham, Himachal Pradesh, India (PRWEB) October 29, 2012

After marriage Nisha comes to a remote village near the mountainous Tibetan Border to lead a life among a nomadic clan who follow a simple lifestyle with customs and rituals dating back to ancient times.

Everything goes well until Nisha's life is torn apart by a proposal, and assumed betrayal, by the one and only love of her life, her husband Pravin when he suggests common marriage, an ancient tradition still followed in this region in which both brothers share a single wife, Nisha. The family is supportive save Nisha who is horrified by the thought of sharing her love with someone for whom she has a brotherly affection.

She cannot protest or disagree as it will make her an outcast and the family will throw her away. Her universe crumbles and she feels humiliated and tormented with the new turn of events. As ancient ways confront modern mores, Nisha will be torn between her values and age-old customs in this brilliantly observed novel of ancestral folkways and contemporary families.

Combining the lucid storytelling of Paulo Coelho with the romantic suspense of Nicholas Sparks, Murmur of the Lonely Brook – a debut novel by Debashis Dey, takes you through an illuminating journey across the Himalayas in a moving tale of love, aspirations and pain. A family saga set in the timeless rhythm of life today in the Tibet Himalayas and inspired by the journey of a tribal woman – Nisha.

Will Nisha compromise her values … or will she fight the age-old tradition? Find out by reading Murmur of the Lonely Brook (ISBN: 9780988170001) now available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository and all major bookstores.

Clarion Foreword Reviews

Murmur of the Lonely Brook is an incredibly ambitious cultural portrait that humanizes a world little known to contemporary readers…

Murmur of The Lonely Brook is also set in one the most magnificent place in the North of India – Himachal – a land of rivers, snow clapped peaks, monasteries and apple orchards. To know more about this place you can also grab a copy of the ebook Travel Himachal by the same author at Amazon. Available free on 30th and 31st October' 2012.

About the author – Debashis Dey

After spending 20 years in the corporate world of media, the author left everything, distributed all his belongings and now lives with tribal nomads in a remote Himalayan village near Tibet. Living among these tribal nomads for the last two years and sharing their pains and pleasures has helped him learn about a primitive hidden culture. While braving harsh sub-zero winters he wrote this story of life, love and hardship with the sights, sounds and smells that make the people and their hopes, dreams and fears come alive.

Murmur of the Lonely Brook is an honest effort to bring to light the plight of the women living in these remote villages. A major part of the proceeds from this book will go toward building up some form of health facility for these downtrodden women.

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