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Amir Najam of Seattle Offers Tips for Improving Customer Service


At a recent event held for Chief Customer Experience Officers hosted by Consero Group, leading customer service experts discussed ways to improve customer relations. As a customer service professional, Amir Najam of Seattle responds with his own suggestions.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) October 29, 2012

As long as the retail and service industries have existed, there has always been an element of customer service. With the development of these businesses throughout the years, customer service departments have become heavily-relied upon resources to keep companies and their consumers happy. However, as the modern world changes and customers become more aware of ways to shop in this post-recession society, businesses must reinvent their customer service strategies. A recent article from The Huffington Post highlights a few recommendations discussed at a recent Consero Group event that welcomed the thoughts of some of the country's most respected voices in customer service. In response to these suggestions, customer service professional Amir Najam of Seattle comments on the importance of improving this element of business.

Amir Najam, Seattle professional, comments, “Customer service is the key driver to whether or a not a customer will return to a company's line of business for any reason. Unification of how the customer experience will be delivered cannot be stressed enough, where the worst thing a customer can experience is inconsistencies within a company's customer service department.” Following a similar sentiment, the article explains that companies must have unified customer service procedures no matter if a consumer is making a purchase online or in-store.

The article also highlights customer-company interaction; companies must identify consumers that like their products and listen to their opinions, as it will allow the company to solve unseen problems early. In addition, if a consumer is truly satisfied, chances are they may promote the product or business, which provides the company with virtually free advertising.

As a professional who has worked many years within the technical side of customer service, Amir Najam of Seattle is well-versed on how modern technology impacts a brand's promotions. According to Najam, companies no longer have a monopoly on how they brand themselves, as customers have become an increasingly present voice on the Internet. Amir Najam of Seattle concludes, “Enhancing the customer service experience for those customers who already are loyal to the brand is essential for company growth and success. Not only does this segment of the market carry many companies, but their referrals of the brand are integral to how the company will grow and at what rate. Word of mouth, blog postings, tweets, Facebook and other social media platforms are vital marketing avenues that are not controlled by a company or even an industry; but rather by the customers themselves.”

Amir Najam of Seattle is a dedicated professional who has specialized in the field of SAP solutions for more than a decade. Recently, Amir Najam has served as an SAP Functional Analyst for Mikron Industries/Quanex Division. In addition to a varied list of responsibilities associated with this role, Amir Najam provides functional support to logistics, customer service, master data, sales, purchasing, receiving, pricing and production teams. Amir Najam of Seattle also owns Integrated ERP Solutions, LLC—a company that specializes in online ticket sales for sporting events and concerts.

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