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Texas "Shred Day" Event Promotes Identity Theft Prevention

Share: men's lifestyle and finance magazine comments on the Better Business Bureau's hosting of a “Shred Day” to raise awareness about one of the top crimes in the country, identity theft, and how consumers can avoid falling victim.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 29, 2012 men's lifestyle and finance magazine released their statement today about how the Better Business Bureau's hosted event, “Shred Day,” is helping to spread awareness to the public through identity theft education and tips on protecting oneself from such crimes.'s take on this may help to raise help consumers' understanding of what a popular crime identity theft is, and ways to protect their identities such as doing an annual free credit report check, monitoring bank accounts closely, and taking care to shred personal documents at home.

Kristin Gordon of Texas news and talk radio, KWTX, reported today that over the weekend, a “Shred Day” event was hosted by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the town of Killeen, Texas in an attempt to spread awareness about crimes related to identity theft. First National Bank Texas served as the meeting-place for the event, and volunteers assisted consumers in unloading paper documents, hard drives, computers, and other electronics that held sensitive personal information. Everything was then either shredded or crushed, and loaded onto trucks that would deliver the remains to a recycling plant. heartily supports the BBB in its effort to reach out to the public and spread awareness on identity theft, and ways to protect oneself.'s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “I am actually a very recent victim of identity theft, wherein my debit card numbers were stolen and used by somebody across the country. Fortunately, I caught the fraud in time to have the card closed and many of the transactions reversed before they even posted, but many people are not so lucky. It is very important to take the proper steps to protect your identity, since this unfortunately is such a fast-growing crime. I think it's great that the BBB is being proactive in reminding communities what an important issue it is, and providing a shredding service to people who many not have access to a shredder at home.”

The above-mentioned KWTX article quotes the regional director of BBB, Richard Kitterman, in saying, “Everything we accept will be recycled. Nothing will end up in a landfill, including the cardboard boxes that you bring your documents in.” Kitterman reportedly warns that much of daily mail ought to be shredded for safety, and recommends that consumers go through old documents and aged files to shred things that are not of use any longer. He also advises consumers to take advantage of their yearly free copy of their credit report and score, to check for accuracy and assurance that nobody else is utilizing their credit. tells its readers to “be smart” about their secure information.'s Senior staff writer states, “C'mon, guys, if you've got a Smart Phone make sure it is password protected. There are so many financial apps on those things today, which in many ways is really great and helpful—as long as they're secure and protected. Don't be giving out credit card information via email, and only make online purchases on secure websites. How can you tell? Simple, just make sure the website's address says ‘https' instead of just ‘http' at the checkout page. Be smart, guys. I'm not saying that you won't get scammed on even if you do all the right things, but it certainly helps.”

As cited in the above-mentioned article, the Federal Trade Commissions states that the top complaint in 2011 was identity theft, a statistic that has held fast since 1999. KWTX's Gordon reports that in total, 14,000 pound of paper were shredded on the BBB's sponsored “Shred Day” over the weekend. An additional 9,000 pounds of electronic waste and 65 hard drives were crushed and recycled, and 600 pounds of cardboard was broken down to recycle. The article states that the event was supposed to take place from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., but event volunteers needed to closed the paper shredding lanes an hour early because the trucks were at maximum storage capacity.

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