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Introducing Fitness Works Exercise Tips & Tricks For The Kids & The Whole Family


Fitness Works Athletic Clubs, strongly encourages communities to involve their whole family in exercise routines. Teach the Kids to exercise with out them even knowing.

(PRWEB) October 29, 2012

Like it can sometimes be with vegetables and homework, getting the kids to partake in exercise can be a tough sell. Mention exercise or fitness and the most they will get is in running away from you and back to their Xbox where only their thumbs will be worked-out.

So just trick them into exercising without them ever knowing that it is what is going on. Here are a few ways:

Challenge – Track the kids' times on any given activity, whether it's running from light pole to light pole or riding their bike around the block. Tracking results spurs greater effort. Reward the kids when they set a personal best, not just when they win.

Moving activities – Pick family activities that involve movement, like hiking or walking in a park. If you always focus on inert activities, like movies or dinners, then that will become the kid's pattern.

Make it play – Don't trudge the kids to the gym but rather play Frisbee or a game of tag or bike around the neighborhood. Avoid mentioning that any of these are exercise.
Involve everyone –Kids will follow the lead, so make sure to get involved in exercise routines with them. Sitting on a bench watching won't instill the value of exercise.

Smart Xbox – Choose video games that require full body movement to win. Play a few of these and see just how much exercise is involved.

Rewards – Set up an incentive program so that when the kids participate in a physical activity they are reward in some way: video game time, movies, or a piece of sporting equipment or clothing. Avoid making the reward food or TV watching related, which are counter the idea of improving their health and fitness. For more information visit us online at

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