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Nicolites Respond To Pro-Smoking Smartphone Apps


The electronic cigarette providers at Nicolites have responded to research showing that some cigarette manufacturers appear to be using smartphone apps to promote their products.

(PRWEB UK) 29 October 2012

In a move that suggests those selling tobacco products are capitalising on the growing mobile trend, researchers have found that certain companies have been exploiting loopholes in restrictions on their marketing activities. It has recently been reported that Australian researchers, when checking the Apple and Android market app stores in February, discovered 107 apps that promoted smoking in some way. These apps were said to include images of particular brands, as well as information on where users could purchase tobacco products. Some even let smokers stimulate the act of smoking.

More worrying still, was the revelation that dozens of the apps had been downloaded millions of times. Concerned by the recent news, the team at Nicolites were quick to respond. Managing Director, Nikhil Nathwani, explains the dangers of this form of marketing.

“With a huge consumer base and relatively relaxed policies, it is no surprise some manufacturers have adopted this approach. However with smartphone use most common amongst teens, it is likely the pro-smoking apps could encourage young people into taking up the harmful habit, making these actions particularly irresponsible”, claims Nikhil.

Nikhil goes on to explain how former smokers tempted by the apps can make the transition to electronic cigarettes.

“Electronic cigarettes provide a safer alternative to conventional smoking. For those tempted by this type of advertising, vaping can satisfy the physical and mental cravings without the same detrimental effects to your health.”

The Department of Health has condemned the apps but due to the fact that many of these are developed overseas, has explained that UK law may not have the power to overthrow them.

Nicolites is now the leading and most widely available brand of electric cigarette in the UK; they have formed business partnerships with many of the largest retailers to bring these wonderful innovations right on to the doorstep of every person in the country. Established in late 2007, Nicolites has grown into a multi-million pound company with international distribution networks and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.

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