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Would You Spend $6.95--The Cost Of 3 Starbucks Coffees--To Learn Proven Ways To Increase Your Income & Job Security? Research Says: You Didn't/Don't/Won't.


A study of sales, marketing and management professionals showed 75% have not invested the price of a cup of coffee in their own professional development since the recession hit. The author of the newest audiobook on sales and leadership effectiveness in this post-recession economy, First, Hide The Poison Arrows, Dr. Russ Riendeau, shares strategies to grow your income and strengthen job security.

Barrington, IL (PRWEB) October 29, 2012

What if your boss found out you didn't/wouldn't invest the cost of a few Starbucks latte's to purchase training that could improve your skills and earn you more money? Would this make you look bad? What if you were asked in a job interview about what you've read to enhance your skills? Why wouldn't you take the risk of spending a few coffees to learn how to be more valuable?

Given that fact that sales training budgets are being cut and the high cost of traditional, formalized sales and leadership training continues to soar (averager cost per person can be $500-1200/per person, audiobook education for sales teams is on the rise--and given the flexibility of audio-learningproving, it proves to be efficient and less disruptive for busy professionals.

In a new, dynamic audiobook titled, First, Hide The Poison Arrows: A 3-point strategy to drive sales & leadership effectiveness in our post-recession economy (Eyecatcher Press 2012, $6.95), author, Dr. Russ Riendeau, introduces three key strategies (Effective Listening Skills, Dynamic Questioning Techniques and Delivering Your Products and Services with Stronger Impact) that will immediately enhance earnings, job security and open up new opportunities in this economy.

In the worst recession in 50 years, major job layoffs, daily technology changes, conventional wisdom would suggest today's average workers would be flocking to the bookstores and libraries, to youtube and every other place to upgrade their sales skills, learn new accounting theories, enhance their vocabulary, learn the specific issues effecting their industry. In reality, it's not happening. More people are tuning into reality TV shows, as evidenced by the increase of these reality programs. Today's workers needing to upgrade skillls most are engaging in escapism by watching other people trying to chase their dreams of get-rich-quick by winning a contest, diving into a pile of snakes while naked, or eating 50 eggs in 10 minutes. Quick fixes are in.

Research in developmental psychology tells us that basic human behaviors rarely change as we age--even when faced with potential financial loss like losing one's job due to skills not being updated.

Learning how to develop stronger perceptive skills and understand what impacts prospective customer behaviors, decision-making criteria, how emotions and tension really drive decisions, are skills that align with success in business.

Dr. Riendeau, a longtime executive search professional is senior partner of East Wing Group, Inc., and behavioral scientist, gathered research from his over 90,000 interviews, peak performance, the psychology of persuasion and physiology, and tells the listener exactly what employers and leaders expect to see in workers to earn more income, promotions, survive layoffs, etc.

First, Hide The Poison Arrows (Eyecatcher Press 2012) can be found on Amazon and iTunes.
173 minutes running time. ISBN: 978-0-9654631-4-0

Media Contact information: Dr. Russ Riendeau, 847-363-9789, or russ(at)

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