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This Halloween, Scare Up a Good Read—and a Steamy Night In—with Personalized Vampire and Werewolf Books from


On the spookiest night of the year, while vampires, werewolves, and other ghouls run amok, offers personalized vampire or werewolf romances Edward and Jacob fans can really sink their teeth into. Can't wait for the release of the final Breaking Dawn, Twilight, installment - create your own personalized edition.

London, ON (PRWEB) October 29, 2012

Waiting for a sexy vampire like Edward to show up at the door? Invite one in with Book By You's two tantalizing personalized vampire books, “First Bite” and “Vampire Kisses.” In “Vampire Kisses,” a young co-ed encounters a mysterious and handsome stranger at a party and later decides to track him down, only to find that the tables have turned, and she's the one being hunted! In “First Bite,” the perfect novel for paranormal teen romance fans, hero and heroine meet in a dark library and are instantly drawn to each other, and though he tries to stay away, afraid his dark impulses may overcome him, he finds her irresistible. Both personalized books are full of suspense, intrigue, and romance—will love conquer all, with the hero and heroine together forever, or will dark nature and mystery keep them apart?

Prefer running with the wolves (and Jacob) to stalking vampires? Join the pack, with Book By You's two personalized werewolf books, “Night Wolf” and “Fierce Moon.” In “Fierce Moon,” Book By You's personalized romance, a modern, mystery-loving heroine is swept back in time, and into the arms of a steamy detective—who undergoes a wild change beneath the light of the full moon. Could his sexy werewolf alter-ego be responsible for the horrific crimes he's vowed to solve? And what will happen to the mystery-loving heroine when her trail of clues leads straight to danger? In Book By You's personalized teen book, “Night Wolf,” a time-traveling high school senior ends up in Victorian England, where she is swept up in an investigation involving a deadly serial killer known only as The Beast. The heroine must learn to adapt to the new time period she's found herself in…and figure out the dark secret the hot young detective she just met seems to be keeping.

Vampire and Werewolf lovers alike can live their fantasies by personalizing any—or all—of these four paranormal romances. They can personalize both the hero and heroine of each novel, creating the perfect Halloween treat. Who wouldn't want to star in their own lusty, intense romance by co-authoring these personalized books? Readers select the names and features for the four main characters in the books, including best friends, a significant other, or Hollywood stars—even a pet! The many characters' hair color, eye color, figure, favorite restaurant and drink are some of the story's 30 personalized characteristics that result in thousands of personalizations in each of these books.

To purchase a personalized novel, paranormal romance lovers go to the company's website at and complete a character questionnaire specifying the information to be included in their book. The company offers a free demonstration area where readers can preview personalized excerpts from any of the company's teen, romance, mystery or children's personalized books. has received national media coverage and been featured on ABC's The View, CNN, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, Jimmy Kimmell Live and many additional media outlets. is an interactive publishing company and is the world's largest provider of personalized books. Media interviews, promotions and give-aways are available upon request. Please contact Michael Pocock at 1-877-898-1440 or publish(at)BookByYou(dot)com

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