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HealthCompare Offers an Alternative to Fines That May Come with the Affordable Care Act Next Year


HealthCompare, the nationally recognized health insurance comparison site, offers American health insurance consumers alternatives to paying hefty fines that may come with the Affordable Care Act in 2013.

Orange, California (PRWEB) October 29, 2012

Fan or not, the Affordable Care Act nears completion within the next year. It's faced many adversaries from both sides of the Whitehouse - and the country. But the goal has always been to make healthcare affordable for everyone, but not everyone agrees that it is an end to a means. Parties, and even homes, are divided over the differences in ideals.

Forbes recently reported that over 13,000 pages have been issued to reconstruct the health insurance marketplace in order to define the regulations that will be in place.

The reform has been the battleground for issue after issue in the healthcare industry since its inception two years ago causing partisan debates and splits on everything from healthcare costs for women to how much people will be charged for not buying health insurance in the first place.

And fines for not having healthcare coverage has been a big basis for arguments against it. Millions of Americans are without health insurance simply because they can't afford it, so the idea that they'll be able to afford the fees that come from not carrying health insurance is far from making the concept one they can embrace.

That's where HealthCompare steps in. The nationally recognized health insurance comparison site has always been an advocate of helping American health insurance consumers pinpoint affordable health insurance by helping them identify what is necessary and what isn't in terms of coverage and what the consumer can live without.

Millions of consumers have used the comparison site to locate policies that are effective and affordable, and averting the impending fines that will come with not having medical coverage.

The end of the transition is coming to a close and whether consumers are in favor of it or not. 2013 will see a massive onslaught of new bills and laws going into effect. Some of which could result in hefty fines for those not carrying health insurance.

Those new laws could change everything and HealthCompare will still be there, like they've always been, offering affordable health insurance options for all.

About Health Compare: HealthCompare was launched in 2009 to work with brokers and carriers to help individuals and families easily research, compare, buy, and enroll in the right health insurance plan at the right price. Based in Orange, Calif., it delivers accurate, customized, health insurance quotes for the country's diverse population.

Through a unique partnership with its sister company, CONEXIS, HealthCompare has the ability to quickly reach thousands of COBRA-qualifying consumers and provide them with COBRA alternatives at the moment they become eligible for COBRA benefits. This provides these consumers with an opportunity to enroll in individual or family plans and potentially save hundreds to thousands of dollars on COBRA premiums and, at the same time, rewards referring brokers with referral fee income for the life of each policy.

For more information, visit or call 888.748.5152 for your free health insurance quote today.

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