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Titan Reloading Announces Master Distributorship of Lee Precision with LAD Solutions Heading Marketing


There is a niche sector of the gun-owning population that prefers to reload their own ammunition. Titan Reloading provides the equipment needed by such people. The partnership with Lee Precision was instigated by former ties the respective owners of each company had with each other as well as mutual appreciation for each other's business.

Hartford, WI (PRWEB) October 29, 2012

Titan Reloading announces that as master distributors of Lee Precision products, they now make available everything that Lee produces. To disseminate this news, Titan Reloading has coupled with LAD Solutions to take charge of marketing this information to the public. LAD Solutions is a Los Angeles-based Internet marketing company with a long track record of handling online publicity for its clients.

Master distributorship on the part of Titan Reloading for Lee's products means that Titan's customers can get anything Lee makes through the Titan website. These two companies are both located in Hartford, Wisconsin, which reduces the time it takes Titan Reloading to process orders and send out shipments. They are usually able to send Lee's products out within a day of the customer's order placement. The close proximity of these two companies strengthens their ties as a reseller and manufacturer, respectively, of reloading equipment.

Lee Precision had its start in 1958 when Richard Lee crafted the Lee Loader, which was designed specifically for shotgun shells. Since that initial creation in his workshop at home, Lee went on to create more loaders for a variety of different guns. Today, the company is strong with its own manufacturing plant in Hartford, Wisconsin, which is where Titan Reloading is located. The ties between these two companies go back to the experience of one of the co-founders of Titan Reloading.

Dennis Gorski is a former design engineer and one of the owners of Titan Reloading. It was this experience that led him to seek out a means of becoming a reseller of Lee's products. Lee's guidelines for product development met his own personal ideals about reloading equipment, which include avoiding making a product unless it uniquely fills a particular need or does a better job than an existing product, only making products that the manufacturer as a person would actually purchase himself, and producing products that can only be manufactured for sale at a reasonable price. These standards of construction and development are what sets Lee apart and draws the owners of Titan Reloading to their catalog.

The gun-owning community is wide and varied. While many of them will purchase ammunition as needed, there are some who prefer to reload their own. These people compose the target audience of both Lee and Titan. The products made by Lee and sold by Titan can be used by gun-enthusiasts for self-reloading of their ammunition. Lee's satisfaction guarantee is honored by Titan Reloading as a part of their role as a supplier of Lee's tools and equipment.

Those who are interested in seeing the line of Lee's products sold by Titan Reloading should visit the company's website, or phone the office for more information.

About Titan Reloading: Since 2009, Titan Reloading has been providing its customers with ammunition reloading equipment. The company sells everything from kit to molds and melters. All of the products they sell must meet stringent excellence standards that are set out by the husband and wife owners of Titan Remodeling, Robin and Dennis Gorski.

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