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V2 Cigs Coupon Site Now Offering 15% Off All V2 KR808D-1 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits, Offer Ideal For Smokers Considering The Switch


V2 Cigs Coupon is thrilled to announce that as the holiday season approaches they have secured a 15% discount code from, the leading supplier of top-quality American Electronic Cigarette and 'Vaping' products. The special discount is accessible through special discount links on the popular e cigarette coupon code site.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 28, 2012

V2 Cigs is considered to be the top electronic cigarette company in the USA, with over a million satisfied customers having been recently surpassed. V2's electronic cigarettes and refills are considered to produce more vapor with amazing flavor that truly satisfies smoking cravings. There are many stand-out features of the brand, such as a longer battery life than any others on the market, extensive quality control and transparency of manufacturing details (an area of concern for many in the young unregulated market). One of the things that has stood out about V2 Cigs in particular - especially with the expansion of their product line and brand new packaging - are their V2 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits.

The place to begin for any cigarette smoker looking to make the move to 'vaping' is with a starter kit - it simply makes a lot of sense as so many components are long-lasting (batteries, cases, chargers etc). The unfortunate hurdle that occurs too often is the relatively high price of these kits up front can prevent those who could benefit from the device making a purchase, when in fact after the inital cost is out of the way ongoing expenses are much lower than that of tobacco cigarettes (as much as 70% less).

V2 Cigs Coupon - the website devoted to aggregating the very best deals and discounts for the leading brand is particularly thrilled to announce a 15% discount offer - good for savings on any of V2's extensive range of 'Starter Kits' - which has been made available. The aim in working with V2 has been to put together the best price savings to help alleviate the issue of hurdles to getting started with e-cigs due to cost.

V2 have shown they understand the issue through recent actions - both releasing what James Oliver, founder of calls "The Best "Cheap Electronic Cigarette" Going - possibly the only real one!" the V2 Express Starter Kit which offers all the essentials including a charger that can be expanded on over time, for the price many disposable e cigs sell for, approx. $21 after coupon code EVAPE15 is applied to one's order.

V2 Cigs coupon is a one-stop shop for people that want to learn about Vaping and the E Cigarette revolution. Learn what makes V2 Cigs the leader it is today, and ultimately to offer the absolute best destination to save V2 Cigs customers the most money possible on their purchases from America's most popular brand.

"That they recently surpassed one million customers speaks volumes about the proper balance of quality, service and value V2 stands by." comments Oliver. "Not only does this brand have some of the best vapor production and battery life in the industry, they also have starter kit options for every budget. From their $24.95 Express Kit to their $179.95 Ultimate Kit, there is something for everybody, and I am thrilled that we are able to offer an added 15% discount on top of recent 'every day' lower pricing V2 put in place recently - 20% lower on average. With these savings there hasn't been a better time to make the switch than now." was founded by James Oliver, an e-cigarette veteran who has been on a mission to raise public awareness and ease accessibility to the best of the best 'E Cig' products. Oliver quit a decade long tobacco habit within 2 weeks of first using e-cigs - and that was well over 4 years ago now.

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