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Royal Caribbean Shares Soar as Delta Travel Center Signs New Cruise Vendor for their Valencia Travel Club Members


On the day Royal Caribbean shares shoot up after exceeding expectations, Delta Travel acquires a new cruise vendor to help their members get the lowest cruise prices.

Santa Clarita, CA (PRWEB) October 28, 2012

Royal Caribbean exceeds expectations and their shares take a jump. Delta Travel in Valencia signs up a new cruise vendor ensuring their members will get great prices on future cruises. Suddenly everyone is talking about where to take their next cruise. It's synergy at its best.

According to sources at Delta Travel, acquiring a new cruise vendor or hotel vendor is always a priority as they are always trying to get the members of their private travel club the lowest prices on all potential travel.

Meanwhile, according to The Motley Fool's article on October 25, 2012, Royal Caribbean shares gained as much as 12% on strong guidance in its quarterly earnings report.

In regards to projections into the future, the article reported, "Shares of Royal Caribbean are now at their highest level since July 2011, and could continue to climb as the global economy recovers. This industry is notoriously hard to predict, because it swings with the business cycle, seasonality, and natural disasters, such as weather and the shipwreck we saw earlier. Demographic trends, like the retiring baby boomer generation, seem to favor it, however, which is one reason why Royal Caribbean could continue to surprise."

Delta Travel is a private members only travel club that one can join by attending a presentation at their headquarters in Valencia, CA.

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