Market Overview Sees Over $5.6 million Traded in A 123 Systems, Inc, Friday, After Alerting it as a Top Penny Stock

Share: saw $15.6 million traded in A 123 Systems, Inc after alerting it as a top penny stock pick.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 28, 2012 showed the true strength of its penny stock newsletter this past Friday, as it's alert on A 123 Systems, Inc as a top penny stock, saw over $5.6 million invested into the company. It is no secret that penny stocks do not tend to see the same sort of monetary interest that larger companies trading on major exchanges do. Quite simply, investors fear placing large amounts of money in penny stocks because they often tend to be far more volatile than companies trading on elevated exchanges. has grown its brand to the point where it is seeing penny stock alerts trade as though they are big brand name companies. Seeing well over $5 million invested into any penny stock is an extreme rarity but to see this sort of buying pressure after a penny stock newsletter alert, tells the investing public that their platform is truly one of a kind. With this sort of interest coming into their penny stock newsletter alerts, it comes as no surprise to see that is being hailed as the most trusted penny stock newsletter service in the world. With the sort of buying pressure that A 123 Systems, Inc, has seen after being alerted by this impressive promotion group, it will certainly prove exciting to see how their alerts on companies with far smaller share structures will play out. alerts the top penny stocks, not just because they wish to see profits but because they truly care for their penny stock newsletter subscribers. Never before have we seen such a well-meaning firm go to such lengths to ensure that their followers are benefiting as much as possible from their system, as well as working with their members to fully understand what changes they would like to see within the program. Numerous times, investors have complained about the ethics of other promotional firms, as their questions and phone calls were ignored, showing a lack of care; but with Penny Stock Dream, this is not the case. Penny Stock Dream actually reaches out to their penny stock newsletter subscribers, to ensure that everyone feels that their voices are heard. This is one of the chief reasons that this top penny stock newsletter group has gained such widespread praise from investors as a great penny stock newsletter.

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