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The Panacea Community Brings Forth The First Ever Truly Sustainable Eco-Community in Southern California


The Panacea Community is bringing forth a modern day living paradise for all humanity to enjoy. Some people say that a Utopia is not possible - they are wrong. We live right on top of Utopia, they just don't know it yet and the time has come to bring forth this dream into fruition.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 28, 2012

YouCadia™ is a self-sustained living eco-community forming in Southern California right now with plans to expand across the nation, and eventually the world. It is a dream unfolding and will soon be a living reality for all Americans and all of mankind to enjoy.

Nathan Crane, Founder of The Panacea Community says, "a living paradise is truly possible when we are willing to see past the artificial facades we have created and become open to our true nature of living in harmony with the planet. Adding more science and technology to our planet, no matter how sustainable they appear to be, are creating more harm than good, and it's time to open our eyes and see that the only alternative for living a fulfilling, healthy, and happy life is right beneath our very feet and there's no better time than now."

So what does YouCadia™ mean? "Cadia" = a place of simplicity and peace. "You" = you. "YouCadia™" = your simple and peaceful paradise on earth.

The Panacea Community is calling all Self-Sustained Organic farmers, Natural and Sustainable Clothes Makers, Natural and Sustainable Shoe Makers, Sustainable Investors, Sustainable Home Builders/Designers, Sustainable Land Developers, Sustainable Water Experts, Eco-Community Experts, and Community Advocates to get involved and help bring YouCadia - Your Living Paradise™ to Life!

YouCadia™ brings to life five core principles for experiencing a true modern day paradise on earth:

Education - Inspiring dialogue between all ages with no barriers of race, age, sex, or status.

Co-operation - Working together in harmony to achieve common goals for the betterment of mankind.

Self-reliance - Experiencing true autonomy through the acceptance of personal responsibility.

Community - Treating our neighbors as we wish to be treated. Support through social collaboration.

Sustainability - Living in harmony with nature the way our creator intended all humans to live.

Southern California is home to some of the most spiritual, healthy, and conscious people in the nation, yet there is not a single self-sustained eco-community around for hundreds of miles. YouCadia™ will be the first of it's kind.

YouCadia™ is in the process of becoming a 501C non-profit and will be funded by The Panacea Community, independent investors, and individual people who want to see a better future for humanity.

The time of disconnection, hatred, and war is coming to an end and the time for a truly sustainable, enjoyable, and harmonious future is right now.

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About the author

Nathan Crane is the author of The Panacea Cleanse and Founder of The Panacea Community who speaks to thousands of people around the world about achieving higher levels of consciousness, cleansing out toxins and negative emotions from the mind and body, overcoming addictions to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and harmful foods, and cultivating higher levels of intuition through natural co-creative processes.

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