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Mango Maids, Calgary's Go-To Maid Service, Now Offers Customized Cleaning Checklists


Most maids throughout Canada often appear on the scene with a readymade checklist of cleaning tasks that they're ready to accomplish. As nice as this is, it often leaves out vital chores that homeowners are hiring maids to do in the first place. Today, Mango Maids, one of the preeminent maid services in Calgary, is offering a customizable checklist allowing homeowners to prioritize the more important tasks.

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) October 28, 2012

Although there was a time when a maid service was considered either prohibitively expensive or a feature of upper-class living, today maid services and cleaning companies have become ubiquitous among all walks of life. In today's fast-paced world many have discovered their need for a proper maid to keep their household in order and ensure that their personal belongings stay organized.

Most middle-income families have a vast range of commitments on their plate, from getting their kids to hockey or soccer practice to ensuring that they are remaining productive at work. In the midst of all this activity it is often difficult to maintain a clean and tidy home. That's where a maid service comes in handy. These services have become progressively more affordable and reliable, and are now an extremely handy and accessible amenity for anyone that needs them.

One of the routine frustrations with hiring a maid service, however, is the generic nature of their cleaning job. Many cleaning companies simply stick to a regimen that they have developed on their own and while this does produce a much cleaner home it often leaves out certain tasks that might be even more important.

There are always areas in homes that require either more attention or should be left alone entirely, and it's important to have a maid service that is flexible enough to adapt to these types of demands and incorporate them into a new routine. That's exactly what Mango Maids is allowing their clients to do with the announcement of a new customizable checklist. Now, whether a homeowner is looking to have certain items left off the list, or wants to add something new and specific, they are free to do so.

This simple but innovative take on the cleaning checklist allows clients to take control of their home cleaning experience, and ensures that they get exactly what they are looking for out of their maid service. It allows the maid service to adapt to suit the individual needs of their clients as well and should be a welcome addition to this Calgary cleaning service.

This new offer from one of the finest Calgary maid services around is in keeping with their tradition of putting their clients first. This is a company that has developed a reputation around ensuring their customers are satisfied with the service that they are receiving, and that has made them a popular choice in Calgary.

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