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Author Lydia Johnson speaks on Connection to a group of curious and interested personal growth adventurerers; starting with a self connection for higher possibilities


Listening to one's intuition, or "gut" is key when setting goals and driving toward them, says author Lydia Johnson when recently addressing a group on Connection.

Vancouver, BC Canada (PRWEB) October 28, 2012

“Connecting with other people and establishing quality relationships is vital,” says business consultant Lydia Johnson. “Even more important, however, is making sure that we stay connected to ourselves.” Johnson is the author of The Jalapeno Handshake a guide to business relationships. She made these comments at one of her recent seminars.
Johnson explained that instinct, or a “gut feeling,” is information reaching the person in a way that bypasses the five senses. This feeling may go against what the person's rational, or conscious, mind tells them. Johnson provided the group with tips for handling the internal conflict when instinct says one thing and the rational mind says something else.
Stop and contemplate. Ask questions: Why do I feel this way? Why is my subconscious trying to get my attention? The answer may be that a core value is being violated in a way too subtle for the senses to perceive. A suggestion for a course of action may feel wrong even though the person presenting it lists a number of seemingly good reasons. Even a person with good intentions may be innocently trying to persuade someone else to violate their core beliefs.
Step away. Often people find themselves in situations where they are inundated with information. Too much information, or “noise,” can drown out a person's inner voice. Johnson recommends closing the door – either literally or figuratively – and creating a quiet moment where the mind has a chance to sort through what's important and what's not. Some people use meditation, while others use exercise or some other activity.
Pay attention. Often instinct or intuition is a person's experience and judgment expressing itself. Listening to the inner voice – staying “connected” to oneself – is an important part of achieving success.

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