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New Hope for Americans Needing to Lose Weight From New Hope Tea Company, LLC.


Americans have a new weapon in the battle against obesity. A slenderizing tea that compliments any weight loss plan. We are also launching our own Slenderizing Plan this month.

Fairplay, MO (PRWEB) October 27, 2012

One half of Americans are over- weight with half of them obese. It is a runaway epidemic in America today, estimated by 2030, these numbers will be three quarters of Americans over- weight with half of them obese.

Medical cost will sky rocket because of this dilemma.

New Hope Tea Company has developed a no nonsense approach to loosing and controlling weight. The following is their simple approach:
New Hope Slenderizing Plan

  •     Drink two 8 oz cups Hot or 16 oz glass Cold of Tea, with or before each meal.
  •     Eat a sensible breakfast, for example (2) Strips of Bacon, (1) Egg and (1) Toast.
  •     Work at eating in moderation and be conscious of the calories.
  •     Eat fresh fruit. Drink a cold glass of tea.*
  •     Try not to eat processed foods; they have too much salt and chemicals.
  •     Be aware of sugar, desserts are fine, just eat ½ the normal amount you do.
  •     Try to do light exercise, 20/30 minutes /day. Walking is the best.

*Keep a pitcher of iced tea in the refrigerator at all times, to fight off that craving to eat just drink a refreshing glass of tea. Use Stevia as a sweetener. Fresh lemon is great as well and will actually help in your weight loss goals.
This tea is a perfectly blended slenderizing tea, masterfully using Organic Pu-erh, White, & Green teas. The antioxidants found in these blended teas are Gallic Acid (food craving) & Theobrownin (Fat burner) from the Pu-erh tea, the White tea has an amino acid that works with the natural caffeine present to block fat absorption, Green tea has the antioxidant EGCG, which is also a powerful and proven fat burner. All of these teas blended together add up to a successful weight loss and weight control Slenderizing plan.

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