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"Local Voices" from Showdown Towns Featured in Independent, Positive Pro-Obama ads


“Bully” Director Lee Hirsch helps real people tell their stories in ads - providing Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia an alternative to negative attack ads

(PRWEB) October 27, 2012

Amid all of the negative campaign communications in the Presidential race, voters in select counties in key states will hear their own neighbors share local, personal stories about why they will vote for President Obama this election. These 60-second, documentary-style advertisements will air on television and radio in swing counties in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia over the next two weeks.

The 60-second spots have already begun airing and will run for the next two weeks. The combined national campaign will spend more than $300,000 on cable television stations and radio ad buys, all targeted to adults 35+ in “showdown towns” of battleground states. The ads will run in these counties, and potentially more:

  •     Medina, Marion, Clark and Allen Counties, Ohio
  •     Larimer County, Colorado
  •     Osecola and Polk Counties, Florida
  •     Wayne and Lee Counties, North Carolina
  •     Hampton Roads and Lynchburg metro areas, Virginia

These medium-sized communities targeted in this campaign were chosen in order to maximize limited media resources. They represent swing communities in swing states and a few hundred votes in any of them could have a substantial impact on the election.    

All of the Local Voices ads feature local people in their homes, place of businesses or out in the community engaging in activities that are important to them. In all of the ads, the featured voter identifies him or herself and explains his or her reasons for voting for the President.

“I give Obama credit for saving my business,” said Bobby Hepler, an auto body shop owner from Kissimmee, Florida, in his advertisement. “I think the saving of Chrysler and GM was huge. That had a direct impact on me, and through this economy, we've grown to 15 employees, which all have two, three kids a piece, and a wife, so that indirectly 80 people from one business alone that are effected.”

The commercials were created by Local Voices, an organization founded by Lee Hirsch, award-winning creator of the documentary “Bully,” aiming to bypass the spin of traditional negative campaign ads and prompt a real conversation among voters in swing states about how they benefited under the Obama administration.

“The filmmakers who volunteer with Local Voices' grassroots campaign care about the election,” Hirsch said. “We traveled to swing states and talk to local people - nurses, teachers, firefighters – anyone willing to share their story and explain why they are voting for the President, then we share their stories for their neighbors to see. By doing this, we do our part to get honest information to undecided voters in localities of national importance.”

Founded in 2008 by Lee Hirsch, creator of the documentary BULLY, “Local Voices” produces and airs 60-second, positive political ads in battleground states that feature local people who share their personal stories and reasons for voting for President Barack Obama.

Local Voices won top political awards following the 2008 presidential election for its documentary style ads, including two Reed Awards for “Overall Best Presidential Television” and “Best Independent Group Ad.” It also won a Pollie Award for “2nd Best Overall Campaign Series.”

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