Market Overview is Setting to Launch a Reporting System for Lost or Stolen United States Passports, Domestically and Abroad to Aid its Citizens from Identity Theft


Having a passport lost or stolen will ruin an expensive trip if you don't know where to go; stolen is that place to find forms and information on replacing a stolen passport fast.

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) October 27, 2012 is pleased to announce that their site is now live and available for public use. The platform is dedicated to helping individuals quickly replace their stolen passport and protect themselves from identity theft.

Travelers with a lost or stolen passport in a foreign country does not sound like fun on an expensive vacation. Applicants will need quick access for finding proper reporting agencies and having a new passport issued. is a passport reporting and expediting service specializing in helping people in just this type of situation.

A lost passport can be very stressful when someone is away from home. Unable to move about through the country you are in, or return home without this important piece of vital personal identification. It is also very important to quickly report the passport lost or stolen to protect an individuals identity. Many times these important pieces of identification are stolen in foreign countries simply to establish a fake identity.

Additionally, provides expedited services for people who have a lost passport or stolen passport in their home country, the United States. It is not uncommon for passports to be stolen when someone is not overseas because of the value they provide on the identity theft market. Passports contain all the relevant information needed for someone to quickly assume another persons identity. provides a simple application form to complete to have an applicants passport replaced and will connect the person with the proper authorities to report and replace the passport. This service is available around the clock and each case will always be processed as a priority.

It is very important to always know where your passport is located, especially when someone is traveling abroad. Due to the increased terrorist activity taking place across the globe, many countries are now requiring passports to cross their borders when they did not do so in the past. For example, everyone in North America is now required to have a passport to cross between the borders of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The importance of protecting an individual from identity theft has never been greater than it is today. Recent data released by the U.S. government shows that identity theft is the leading white-collar crime, with billions of dollars in fraudulent transactions taking place each year. The State Department has also issued a statement claiming that fake identities are used by less-than-desirable individuals trying to enter the country to cause harm, making identity theft a very lucrative business in the criminal world. knows and understands the problems faced when-an individual or family is not in possession of the passport. They understand how important it is to protect from identity theft. This is why they have created this easy-to-use service that will enable a traveler to contact the proper authorities and quickly replace your passport.

Traveling? In need of replacing a lost or stolen passport because there are travel plans in the next 14 days or 30 days and a visa is needed use Fastport Passports expedited passport service to handle the procedure promptly.

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