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'Raising Teens' is a One-Stop Source for Parenting Advice


Psychologist James G. Wellborn says Typical Teen Problems May Seem Overwhelming, But Proven Strategies will Help.

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) October 27, 2012

Dr. James G. Wellborn's new book, “Raising Teens in the 21st Century: A Practical Guide to Effective Parenting,” (, is an easy-to-use resource for navigating typical teenage parenting situations.

“When I talk to parents, they want specific strategies for dealing with common problems– without having to read through an entire book to get what they need,” Wellborn says. “That led to my writing parenting columns, which led to the idea of this book. In 10 minutes or so, a parent is ready to go with any one of 79 topics.”

The book deals with common challenges teenagers face, including:

  •     Drug and alcohol abuse: signs, symptoms and how to talk to teens about substance abuse
  •     Character issues: attitude, cheating, gratitude, lying, respect and stealing
  •     Communication issues, including argumentative teens and knowing your kid

“Some of the biggest new 21st century challenges parents face are the explosion of social media – Facebook, Twitter, multiplayer online video games, cell phones with photo and video capacity,” Wellborn says. “Another change is in lifestyle issues like exercise, diet and sleep. One issue that really has cropped up in the last decade is the popularity of tattoos and piercing. There are strategies for dealing with all of these issues.”

Dr. Wellborn, who has been working with families and teenagers for 18 years, understands the frustrations that come with raising teens. He also understands – and appreciates – teenagers.

“I love teenagers,” he says. “They are so sincere and passionate and idealistic. They challenge you and make you rethink things; the classic teen question when you tell them something needs to be done a certain way is ‘Why?' Sometimes they're right.

“At the same time, they need a LOT of guidance and limit setting. Parents are crucial in helping them find a track and stay on it.”

About James G. Wellborn, Ph.D
James G. Wellborn is a clinical psychologist specializing in individual, family and group psychotherapy, with children and adolescents. He graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor's in psychology, and earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Rochester. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship in developmental psychopathology at Vanderbilt University, and has been a consultant to school districts developing system-wide programs to address motivation and academic engagement in at-risk youth. Wellborn has served as a clinical director for outpatient psychotherapy services in two local agencies.

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