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LED Grow Lights Get New Power Control™ Feature on Latest X2-PRO Models from Hydro Grow


Hydro Grow announces new Power Control™ feature on X2-PRO LED Grow Lights, allowing the user to toggle between 0.5W seedling/clone, 1W veg and 3W flower modes.

Reno, NV (PRWEB) October 27, 2012

LED Grow Light technology is forever evolving, and one company who has remained at the forefront of development is Hydro Grow. It is common knowledge that the lighting needs of plants varies from one species to the next, which is why Hydro Grow is releasing a new feature on their X2-PRO LED Grow Lights to make sure no plant is left behind.

From orchids to roses, lettuce to tomatoes, and shade plants to full sun plants, every species on earth has different light intensity levels at which they grow optimally. For some plants like orchids a light that is too intense can stop flowering and stunt the plant, while other plants like beefsteak tomatoes require high light intensity to produce large fruits. While there are many different types of LED Grow Lights that suit the needs of each plant species independently, there are few lights designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution.

The Hydro Grow X2 line of LED Grow Lights has seen its number of changes this year beginning with the discontinuation of the 0.5W ECO+ lights in March 2012, followed by the discontinuation of the 1W Penetrator-X models in September 2012, and finishing with a new feature on the 3W X-PRO models called Power Control™. Power control combines the previous ECO+, X and X-PRO models into a single new model allowing the user to toggle between 0.5W seedling/clone, 1W veg and 3W flower modes. Aside from alternating the power settings for various stages of growth, the power control function may also be used in accordance with plant light intensity requirements; for example low intensity plants like orchids will grow best on the 0.5W setting while high intensity plants like beefsteak tomatoes will thrive on the 3W setting.

Hydro Grow is the first LED Grow Light company to use varied intensity settings during different stages of growth rather than alternating light spectra in veg or bloom like others in the industry. According to Hydro Grow plants reach their optimal growth rate when given precise light wavelengths in exact ratios continuously throughout every stage of growth. Research from Russian scientists and NASA in the early 1990's first documented the benefits of constant-spectrum, of which Hydro Grow has spent the past 5 years refining.

Power control was developed based on research done by Hydro Grow determining the light intensity needs of plants based on stage of growth. Testing at Hydro Grow has shown that seedlings and clones have the highest success rates when exposed to lower light intensity levels as the leaves and root systems are not yet fully developed and therefore benefit from the 0.5W setting. Young vegetative plants with fully developed roots and leaves are able to tolerate higher light intensity levels, however because they are shorter in height they generally do not require high penetration (light intensity over distance) and thrive on the 1W setting. Fruiting plants are reaching full maturity which means dense foliage, more energy for fruit production and taller statures requiring higher light intensity and full penetration delivered by the 3W setting.

LED Grow Lights provide many advantages over HID grow lights such as lower energy consumption, lower heat output, better growth spectrum, and longer lifespan. The new power control function further enhances energy savings offered by Hydro Grow LED Grow Lights, as the power consumption varies with each control setting. Power control also gives users precision control over their lighting environments allowing them to use a single light for any plant species at any stage of development. Power control is presently available exclusively by Hydro Grow on X2-PRO LED Grow Lights.

About Hydro Grow:
Hydro Grow, the leading provider of high-efficiency LED horticultural lighting solutions for commercial growers and agri-businesses, enables horticulturalists to reduce energy consumption over 50% while increasing operational efficiencies, crop yields, and hastening growth cycles. Hydro Grow offers third-party, data-proven solutions for greenhouses, indoor farms, research centers, and Universities which may be eligible for energy efficiency subsidies from local utility companies and government programs. The company's 3,000+ commercial and private customers include the USDA, DOE, and multiple Universities. Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Hydro Grow is privately owned and operated. For more information call 1-855-445-3348 or visit

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