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3D Flag Company, an Innovative American Firm, Launches their Patriotic Line of Aluminum Flags and Custom Signage via Newly Minted Website


Patriotic business owners across the USA and the world no longer have to rely on cloth flags that quickly become tattered and worn. 3D Flag Company has a striking alternative.

(PRWEB) October 26, 2012

Using a patented process developed for structural integrity, 3D flags are quickly and easily displayed and offer the owner years of use and beauty with little to no maintenance.

Patriotism is an abstract virtue, one that all Americans agree is important: The love of our country. We all agree that it is a personal concept and may be defined in as many different ways as there are Americans. However there is one symbol that stands unequivocally for our shared patriotism and that is the American flag. According to Christopher Morris of TIME magazine: “American patriotism expresses itself most truly in actions, not words. Our patriotism shapes our responsibilities as citizens, how we navigate in the world and, ultimately, what it means to be an American.”

Now, thanks to 3D Flag Company, American businesses in the USA and abroad can proudly show their patriotism with a beautiful flag majestically waving frozen in time.

According to Glenn Reynolds, 3D Flag President, “the Flag is displayed as a wall mount with all the splendor and dignity that our National Flag deserves. There is no better way to foster allegiance to your business or organization than to display the Flag in a prominent place at your business location. Whether a large government agency or a small domestic supplier of products and services, the Flag will identify you and your company as subscribers to our economic ideals of integrity, innovation and fair play.”

Many businesses have committed to displaying the Flag with the traditional flag pole at an installation cost of approximately $5,000 to $10,000. This would include the flag, pole, foundation, lighting and associated local permits and fees. Plus, there is the daily labor required to raise and lower the Flag. Unfortunately, cloth flags sometimes only last one season exposed to the elements and need regular replacement. Not only is the 3D Flag less expensive, it is more prominent as a wall mount and truly long lasting. Pole mounted flags are usually seen at an elevated distance and require a steady wind to be fully unfurled.

Notes Mr Reynolds, “At 3D Flag Company we use trade secret processes and a patented construction to produce the realistic waving of the Flag moving on the wind. Because the construction is very rigid and lightweight it can be easily affixed to any building surface including drywall. The aluminum components resist corrosion which facilitates mounting both indoors and outdoors. The artwork comes in either 3M Digital Media (printed) or Die-Cut Vinyl. Both materials provide brilliant colors that resist UV degradation and fading. Mounting is accomplished in minutes.”

3D Flag Company not only produces the U.S. Flag design but also the flag designs of states, counties, cities, organizations, companies, campaigns, regimental, historic, military, and flags of other countries worldwide. They also produce permanent banners for many signage applications.

About 3D Flag Company
3D Flag Company is an American firm whose mission is to make our National symbol a ubiquitous part of our business landscape. For more information visit the website at

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