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Advanced Learning Provided By Ultimate Vocabulary Software Approved By Top Vocabulary Software Reviewer - Vocabulary.Co.Il


Ultimate Vocabulary received yet another approving review by a leader in the field of vocabulary improvement - Vocabulary.Co.Il Praising its customizability and extensive word database, the review is full of congratulatory comments on how well Ultimate Vocabulary has been structured.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) October 27, 2012

Ultimate Vocabulary announced today how proud it is to have received yet another positive review. Rarely do vocabulary software reviews consist of nothing but positive comments, but this is certainly the case for Ultimate Vocabulary's review. The software is constantly being described as one of the most efficient vocabulary improving software systems available.

Marc Slater, director of Ultimate Vocabulary, commented on the publication of the review. “We are truly honored, but above all, everyone at Ultimate Vocabulary feels relieved and vindicated. We knew what we've been working so painstakingly on was something we are truly passionate about. But having a third party verify that assumption is always great news.”

The review was meticulous, covering all aspects and features of Ultimate Vocabulary. The first impression one gets from reading through the review is an evident satisfaction on the part of the reviewer that they have found vocabulary improvement software that actually works.

The review emphasizes how intuitively the software operates, and how visually pleasing it is in terms of layout and user interface. But according to the reviewer (, what sets Ultimate Vocabulary apart from any other similar vocabulary building software is its flexibility: not only can the software be thoroughly customized to suit each user's needs, but it also helps users focus on and overcome their weak points. As the reviewer says, “[w]e rate this program as an advanced educational software tool that is exceptional value for money.”

The review continues, noting how carefully all aspects of the software have been designed and mentioning how the system almost proves to be human-like in how intuitive it can be. In fact the review mentions that the educational learning tools the software is equipped with make Ultimate Vocabulary a foolproof investment for anyone wishing to improve, or perfectly master, their vocabulary skills.

Marc Slater concluded by saying, “Ultimate Vocabulary took a lot of intellectual effort and time to become an effective educational tool. As this and numerous other reviews corroborate, we did a good job after all. It is always emotionally satisfying to see those efforts being accredited.”

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