Market Overview Accommodating Steady Rise In At-Home Sleep Tests


At-home sleep studies are steadily rising according to a 2012 report by Sleep Review Magazine, coinciding with a trend noticed by's nationwide network of sleep doctors can accommodate sleep studies in a lab or at home.

Irvine, California (PRWEB) October 26, 2012 consists of a nationwide network of sleep physicians and sleep dentists. A library of educational articles and videos, as well as a unique Question and Answer system provide sleep disorder sufferers with information. For many individuals who believe they have a sleep disorder, a sleep study is recommended in order to properly diagnose the condition. Traditionally, these sleep studies are conducted in a sleep clinic, wherein electrodes are attached to the individual in order to monitor their body vitals during sleep. Measurements of eye movement, blood pressure, heart rate, brain activity, and blood oxygen are taken into account, along with measurements of inhalation and exhalation, as well as chest movement. These various metrics are often able to alert physicians to any irregularities regarding a person's sleep quality.

While this has proven to be an effective method for diagnosing sleep conditions, has learned from various sleep physicians that sleep clinics are steadily shifting towards home sleep studies. A traditional sleep study is conducted overnight at the sleep clinic while at-home studies, as the name implies, take place in the comfort of the individual's own bed. The shift is due in part to insurers directing an increasing number of individuals to home sleep studies. To support the trend seen by's physician network, a report by Sleep Review Magazine shows that as of March 2012 35% of sleep labs offer a home testing solution for Medicare patients while 41% offer home testing for patients who are privately insured. Both figures are notable increases from the previous year.

“Fortunately for individuals with sleep disorders, has a variety of sleep physicians and sleep dentists, many of whom offer at-home sleep studies,” said Founder Ali Jahangiri. “Regardless of what your insurance provider requires, it's likely you'll be able to find a sleep doctor able to accommodate your particular needs and restrictions.”

With doctors across the U.S., is largely able to provide individuals with the flexibility their insurance providers necessitate. Individuals looking to schedule a consultation with a sleep expert can utilize the Doctor Finder to find physicians near their zip code.

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