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As Hurricane Sandy Speeds toward Philadelphia Giroud Tree Service Gives Actions for Homeowners to Protect Family and Property from Tree Damage and Emergency Tree Removal


With Hurricane Sandy projected to hit the Philadelphia area as a tropical storm or Nor'easter, Giroud Tree Service recommends several actions for homeowners to protect family and property from tree damage and the need for emergency tree removal. Additionally, Giroud Arborists and emergency tree service crews will be standing-by through the Hurricane and beyond to handle any emergency.

(PRWEB) October 26, 2012

With Hurricane Sandy projected to hit the Philadelphia area as a tropical storm or Nor'easter on Monday, homeowners with large trees are especially vulnerable to storm damage. Homeowners need to take several actions now to protect family and property from falling trees and limbs according to Giroud Tree Service.

"Because this storm is hitting while tree canopies are still dense with leaves, trees are at a higher risk for damage or failure in this storm,” says Lou Giroud, ISA Certified Arborist and President of Giroud Tree Service. “Additionally, Giroud has put its Arborists, staff and emergency tree service crews on alert for emergency tree removal including tree removal from houses and other structures."

Giroud Tree Service recommends Philadelphia area homeowners take the following actions now:

  • Park cars in an open, high ground area away from large trees.
  • Move patio furniture and other items that could be damaged by falling trees or become projectiles in high winds into the garage.
  • Remove or securely tie canvas awnings.
  • Tie-down or put trash cans in a secure area.
  • Move play equipment out from under large trees.
  • As soon the winds begin to increase, keep people and pets away from large trees.
  • Do not sleep in a bedroom where a large tree overhangs.

Unfortunately, it's too late to do tree removal and tree maintenance to protect trees from Hurricane Sandy. In these tough economic times, many Philadelphia homeowners have postponed tree inspections and maintenance.

“Over the past 38 years in the tree service business, experience proves that consistently inspected and maintained trees are least likely to suffer damage in a storm,” says Lou Giroud. “An inspection by an ISA Certified Arborist will identify safety issues such as weak limbs, unstable root systems and structural defects. Cable supports between weak limbs can prevent a tree from splitting apart. Structural pruning will help the wind blow easily through the canopy. Tree removal of hazardous trees can be completed before damage is done."

Whether Hurricane Sandy is a tropical storm or a Nor'easter, by the time it hits Philadelphia, large trees are at highest risk for damage or failure in fierce wind and rain storms. Giroud Arborists are on call 24/7 to handle any tree service emergency including tree removal. Contact Giroud Tree Service at: 215-682-7704 or for questions related to the storm or any emergency.

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