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Visual Impact For Women: Review Examines New Women's Fitness Course

Share: releases a review of Visual Impact For Women, a new fitness course developed by renowned fitness guru Rusty Moore which promises to help women obtain a slim, fit and feminine physique

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

"Visual Impact For Women fills a gaping void in the women's fitness market, and this is why we were so excited to publish our review of the course," reports's Vince Delmonico. "The great majority of women's fitness courses today just don't provide the kind of results that women actually want and that in my opinion is a real travesty."

Visual Impact For Women is the brain child of Rusty Moore a well known fitness expert and blogger. Moore's fame exploded in 2010 when he released his first training course entitled "Visual Impact Muscle Building" which taught men how to get what Moore calls the "lean Hollywood look." With Visual Impact For Women Moore has applied his aesthetics focused fitness training to suit the needs of his female followers.

Delmonico provides this explanation of Moore's fitness plan in his Visual Impact For Women review:

"Rusty Moore realized that the vast majority of women are not able to find suitable fitness advice, either from trainers, or from the fitness industry at large via magazines and the like," says Delmonico. "Rusty created Visual Impact For Women to give women who want to get that slim, feminine look an easy, no-nonsense action plan, that they could follow without needing to eat like a crazy person or turn into some kind of gym rat."

Moore's Visual Impact For Women training program is available digitally through his website, allowing customers to have instant access to the training materials which consist of digital ebook documents, including an advanced "progressive cardio" program called "Fat Torching Cardio", printable workout charts, and a 229 page illustrated exercise demonstration manual.

"The fact is that 99% of women don't want bulging muscles and veiny arms," says Delmonico. "Instead they want to get a hot looking body like a Hollywood actress. Rusty Moore's program is a blueprint for getting that coveted 'Hollywood' look, and he has made the process as simple and straight forward as possible. In fact, you don't even need a gym membership to follow Rusty's program."

Those wishing to purchase Visual Impact For Women, or seeking more information, click here to visit the official website.

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