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Momentum Builds for Vik Vad in Tax Assessor Race


Vik Vad Travels County-Wide in Campaign Outreach to All Residents

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

What began as a small grassroots movement in Travis County almost a year ago, has grown exponentially into an organized and efficient campaign to elect the next County Tax Assessor and Voter Registrar. Hardly a day passes that candidate Vik Vad isn't up early in the morning, with a full schedule of campaign stops, stump speeches, fundraising gatherings, phone calls, and social media updates. "This has mushroomed beyond anything I could imagine," states Vad, "and it wouldn't be possible if not for the help, graciousness, and courage of my volunteers, friends, and supporters who have taken a stand with me for reasonable, responsible government."

With early voting already underway, Travis County residents have already begun to cast ballots for their choices from President to Tax Assessor, as well as a number of propositions in the various cities located within the county's geographic boundaries. Because of the length of the ballot this year, voters are urged to take advantage of the multiple early voting locations, and shorter wait times to get to the polls. However, many will wait until Election Day, November 6th, and do not necessarily have to vote at their precinct this year, but, rather, anywhere county-wide.

Vik Vad has made a tremendous effort to reach out to all voters, most especially those that feel that their needs and concerns have been overlooked at the expense of larger, and more powerful interests. "I want to be the spokesperson for those whose collective voice oftentimes gets squelched, or unfairly compromised in our political process," Vad announces. "It's time for inclusiveness, and not just as political rhetoric, but as actual reality."

Vik Vad has addressed the Hispanic community by speaking to LULAC, as well as outlining his plan to update the information architecture and security of the Tax Office in an article published by El Mundo, a local Spanish language newspaper. He has reached out to the African American community by speaking with the Austin Area Urban League, as well as being interviewed by The Villager, a publication of the Black Registry Company. Vad can also be found at various institutions of faith, whether a Baptist Church or a Sikh Temple, explaining to the congregations why he is a well qualified choice for the position of Tax Assessor. "The Tax Office serves everyone. Plain and simple. It is important to me to know who these folks are besides being just taxpayers. It is important to me to hear their concerns, and live a slice of their daily lives," Vad declares.

Furthermore, Vik Vad has reached out to people of all political affiliations. Though a partisan office, Vad dislikes the notion of making a choice for this post based purely on party affiliation alone. "I'll say it again – the Tax Office serves everyone. That's why I have talked to Republicans AND Democrats – outreach includes crossing party lines for me!" maintains Mr. Vad. "And for those that are tired of petty partisan squabbles, I only have one thing left to say – so am I!"

For more information, visit the Vik Vad for Texas page on Facebook, and follow the campaign news as it happens.

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