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2012 Presidential Elections One Of The Closest Ever, Reports Certified Gold Exchange


According to the latest poll data, the 2012 Presidential Election between President Obama and Governor Romney has become one of the closest elections in history.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

The 2012 Presidential Election is proving to be one of the closest races we've ever seen. Candidates President Obama and Governor Romney have played a strategic tug-of-war over vital swing states in the past few months, and their efforts are paying off. Take a look at the latest poll data from various news sources:

Washington Post + ABC News = 48% Obama / 49% Romney
Investor's Business = 47.3% Obama / 44.3% Romney
Rasmussen Reports = 46% Obama / 50% Romney
Huffington Post = 46.9% Obama / 47.2% Romney
Gallup = 47% Obama / 50% Romney
RAND = 49.19% Obama / 45.34% Romney
PPP = 48% Obama / 48% Romney

Arthur McGuire, Vice President of the Certified Gold Exchange says “President Obama and Governor Romney have both done an excellent job at grabbing the confidence of voters. We believe this Election Day will display an extremely close race between two very qualified candidates. May the best man win.”

McGuire adds “This is a very exciting time for us because gold usually performs very well after elections, and we're projecting around $2,500 per ounce in the next 2 years. Today the metal is trading around $1,700 per ounce.”

The Presidential Elections will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

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