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MyPuress Releases Appetite Control and Weight Loss Powerhouse for the Holiday Season


In an effort to curb the few extra pounds Americans put on in the winter months, MyPuress releases an appetite control and weight loss combo powerhouse.

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

It typically starts with the Halloween candy that floats around the house for weeks, or days in some cases. And then moves to the Thanksgiving feast, and continues through to the last few days on December. With all the extra hours on the couch on top of that, no wonder the typical American gains on average 7-12 pounds during the holidays. In an effort to curb holiday weight gain, a little known supplement and weight loss company has released their powerhouse combo.

"We took our 2 best selling products, and put them together. They go phenomenally hand in hand together and alone have worked wonders for our clients. But this will bring a lot to the table for our customers." Stated Steven Ferris, manager of research and development for MyPuress.

The combo consists of their PASS for appetite control and Slim Essentials, HcG drops. The PASS appetite control is herbal based and has ingredients like: hoodia, guarana, and fennel seed. Which have centuries of research and history backing up the effectiveness of the ingredients. It also has other herbs which have been known to boost metabolism to aid in more weight loss.

The other product in the combo, Slim Essentials, is a new proprietary blend that mobilizes your fat stores for your body's use as energy.

Unlike typical homeopathic HcG, Slim Essentials is alcohol-free, glycerin based and prepared with triple the typical potency. In addition to HcG, Slim Essentials is made with thyroid stimulating ionic iodine and botanical raw extracts which boost energy and suppress appetite and sugar cravings. These botanical extracts include peppermint, hoodia, essentials oils, anti-habituants, and gymnema.

These two products combined when following proper diet, can lead to 1-2 pounds of weight loss per day! This has been groundbreaking and previous customers are coming forward with testimonials, and feedback about their usage of the products.

"Been using this now for exactly one week and I've lost 5 pounds so far! Thank you so very much!!!!" Stated Smiley14 on her feedback for her purchase.

"I have been using both products and I have been loosing weight! I am very happy with my purchase and you sure can't beat the price!" Is the feedback Hannah Goodman gave about the product.
The combo is only offered through their online Etsy store which can be viewed here.

MyPuress is on the verge of becoming America's newest lifestyle company. With their proprietary herbal blends for appetite control and spa-quality facial toners, they are succeeding in their mission to care for their clients inside and out.

For more information, please contact Bridger Cottle or Steven Ferris through the company website

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