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Helmar Distributors Announces a New Invention that Helps Motorists Fight Unjust Traffic Tickets


Red light and speed cameras have met their match with Photo Blocker Spray.

(PRWEB) October 26, 2012

Hate the idea of impersonal cameras ticketing you for driving 36 miles per hour (mph) in a 25 mph zone or for running a red light that was only yellow for a split second? The antidote is in a red aerosol can known as Photo Blocker Spray.

The use of speed and red light cameras by cash strapped cities to raise revenue in the name of safety has angered millions of motorists. This has opened a huge business opportunity for companies that are assisting motorist to fight back unjust traffic tickets. One such company is Helmar Distributors.

Photo Blocker Spray is a clear hi-gloss permanent reflective finish, when applied to license plates that creates a glossy finish. The glossy surface acts as a mirror to reflect a photo radar flash back to the camera overexposing the image. The unreadable license plate fools red light and speed cameras resulting in the issuance of NO traffic summons. The effect is similar to taking a flash photograph of oneself standing in front of a mirror. The resulting picture will be overexposed and unreadable.

Photo Blocker has been virgorously tested in several police departments, investigative news crews and over fifty-seven newspapers/magazines from around the world to date. On July 3, 2003 the Washington Times featured Photo Blocker on the front page with the heading "License-plate spray foils traffic cameras".

According to Delaware online News Journal, "City and state officials said the product could become an effective counter to the high-tech cameras. There is no city law that prohibits its use, and there is nothing on the state books to ban it, either." Lt. Patrick Burke of the Metropolitan Police Department said "the spray isn't banned by any laws in the District."

Even if it were to be banned, the authorities would have a hard time identifying plates that were treated with Photo Blocker as the spray is clear and undetectable. Motorist cannot buy the product fast enough and Helmar Distributors' sales have exploded world wide.

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