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Security American Realty Join Initiative VA Supporters, Security America Mortgage, to Sponsor VA Home Loan Benefits For Veterans Buying Texas Homes For Sale This October


Learn why buying a home in Houston, Texas benefits veterans & military families nationwide.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

Recently, on October 24, 2012, Houston Real Estate Agents from Security American Realty joined Security America Mortgage (VA approved lending originators) at the Shadyvilla office to educate Houston military service members over their VA home loan benefits. A special statement is truly made when Houston military homeowners can meet and rely on advocates like those from Security American Realty. With earnest effort put into educating veterans, the mission continues to grow, and all with the purpose to build strong support for Veterans who need a home in Houston.

Once the VA mortgage and real estate experts from Security America Mortgage and Security American Realty completed their first educational meeting with the veterans who attended, the companies concluded that most veterans move to Houston, Texas because they find the most VA opportunities to start a new life.

Military opportunities include...

  •     Veterans finding job opportunities in Houston
  •     Veterans getting proper VA support services in Houston
  •     Veterans events & seminars in Houston
  •     Veterans obtaining VA home loan/VA refinance entitlement in Houston
  •     Veterans looking for a new home in Houston

The companies shared the news with veterans over the benefits of living in Houston, which can be summarized in this article.

There are many reasons military families move to Houston, and one is the economics of the city. Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, making it one of the fastest growing job markets in the nation as well as the least expensive cities to live in. Veterans purchasing a home in Houston secure VA home loans fast since the regional VA loan office is located right in the middle of town and housing is very affordable, as well as the cost of living.

The City of Houston has become one of the best places for Veterans and Military Service members to call home due to the huge military population, which aids in the continuous VA support provided by the City of Houston's Government Officials. Additional military assistance is given by many VA sponsored non-profit organizations, military advocates, and VA service providers in Houston, which makes veteran relocation, PCS transfers, and the VA transition into a new city go smoothly.

In 2012, Houston's City Council and many VA companies began to dedicate their mission toward helping military men, women, and military family members find VA approved homes, VA jobs, and VA education, military resources, and VA community supported events. Real estate property in Houston serves to benefit military individuals due to new policies signed by the Mayor of Houston in 2011 and 2012. Houston veteran policies include promises to military members that keep real estate property taxes low for all veteran homeowners who choose to purchase a VA approved home in Houston.

The City of Houston's largest county is Harris County, and the Harris County Sheriff's Department and Houston Police Department team up to provide extra safety and other VA secured resources for veterans and military members who live within the city limits. VA Benefits are not hard to find due the fast growing educational VA sponsored events hosted by veteran non-profit organizations and Houston City Council partnerships. Houston provides many veteran educational events throughout the year with the help from nearby companies that sponsor military members with veteran housing and military VA home loan benefits. As time moves forward, Houston is one city that will continue to serve its' military service members.

Moving to a home is Houston is one of the best choices a Veteran can make for their families who currently live on military bases. Texas Military members can guarantee their happiness by moving to Houston due to another simple-truth; that the Houston VA home loan and VA mortgage process with local VA lenders are streamline experiences for veterans. Houston Real Estate Agents who sponsor veterans can help military families find homes already approved by VA, making the entire VA home loan process a positive experience for all who are involved. Veterans who move to Houston also find it easy to search for a variety of VA approved Condos for sale within Houston's large and spread out metropolitan neighborhoods.

Veterans living in Houston now are solid proof for the growing civilian support that adds to the positive transition and relocation experiences veterans and military members receive from the City of Houston and its' proud local Houston communities and their patriotic residents. VA Benefits are easier to obtain in Houston thanks to the VA Regional Office being located within the core of Houston, Texas.

Veterans purchasing a home in Houston can secure VA home loans quickly, too, especially with the help of a VA approved lenders like Security America Mortgage.

Texas VA home loan limits begin at the base amount of $417,000 and they can go to as high as $1,000,000 using a VA jumbo home loan.

With companies like Security America Mortgage and Security American Realty, veterans purchasing a home in Houston can now secure their VA home loan benefits easily and with a good head on their shoulders. It's is times like these where veterans and civilians really come together to make a difference.

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