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New York Disability Attorney Brian Mittman Hits Talk Radio Discussing Latest Tips On Customer Relationships


This renowned Disability Attorney stopped by to chat with SMR Talk Radio Host Keith Kranc about his new book and why the secret to success is ongoing customer relationships.

(PRWEB) October 26, 2012

Brian Mittman, Managing Director of Markhoff & Mittman, a Disability Law Firm in New York, recently stopped by for an on-air interview with Keith Kranc of SMR Radio. Brian has a message to share with other business owners, and that is why he co-authored a book called: “Get Them To Know, Like & Trust You: Proven Marketing Strategies For Creating Extraordinarily Profitable Customer Relationships”.

Brian Mittman is not only a successful Disability Attorney, but he also has a Marketing Firm called Daisy Dog Marketing, which creates marketing strategies for small business owners. Early in his career, Brian realized the importance of customer communication as well as customer appreciation. He explained it this way on the Radio Show: “ Well Keith, I learned that it is better to be of the mindset that you would like to keep the client as long as possible, and not just a one-time deal”.

Brian continues: “If you communicate with your client on a steady basis, maybe send them a Newsletter, or just to say hello, they would rather continue to do business with you, as you have established a rapport that is hard to be overcome by your competition”. Brian realizes that there are many law firms out there, but how many treat their clients like Cases, and not like people? The answer is too many law firms just want to churn out cases, and forget about the “relationships”, that come with the cases.

This applies to all kinds of businesses. In Brian's marketing business, he makes sure to council the client with respect to the big picture, and how the action they take today will affect the future success of their business. He makes it a point to stress the extra amount of time it takes to make a call, or send an email, is well worth the effort.

Brian Mittman has been called “A Lawyers Lawyer”, because attorneys come to him for his legal acumen. He is also sought out for his marketing expertise. Here is what Neal Goldstein, Partner of Goldstein & Bashner, Personal Injury Attorneys has to say: “It takes a unique person to understand real marketing. Everybody claims that they have expert knowledge. With Brian and Jane you strike gold with two individuals who truly understand what it means to market, having worked with them on numerous projects, I can say without question that they stand head and shoulders above the other guys..."

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