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Top Secret Nutrition Announces the Release of its New and Exciting Sports Nutrition Supplement Astravar 2.0™


A New, More Complete and Effective Version of the incredibly popular 100% AstraGin™ nitric oxide amplifier, Atravar™

Miramar, Florida (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

Top Secret Nutrition has earned a reputation as a leader and innovator in developing supplements to support active healthy lifestyles, and is credited for having introduced the ingredient AstraGin™ to the sports nutrition market. AstraGin™ is an all-natural plant-derived compound that is extracted from two plant roots that have been used for medicinal purposes in the East for thousands of years. Research suggests that AstraGin™ may improve the absorption of various nutrients at the cellular level. What makes AstraGin™ such as powerful sports nutrition ingredient is its ability to enable the human body to absorb up to 62% more amino acids and botanicals at the cellular level leading to a higher production of nitric oxide.
Top Secret Nutrition's first product to utilize this powerful ingredient was the supplement Astravar™ which consisted of 100% AstraGin™ as its only ingredient. Astravar™ rapidly earned a reputation as an excellent “stack” supplement with its ability to increase the absorption of the amino acids and botanicals included in any of the available pre-workout supplements. People working out soon realized that by simply adding one Astravar™ capsule to their regular pre-workout supplement they would realize higher levels of endurance, a much larger and longer-lasting muscular “pump” and an increase in vascularity. Astravar™ rapidly proved to be a darling of the sports nutrition market with rapidly increasing awareness and recognition in the industry.
Since then, Top Secret Nutrition has been working with its team of formulators to develop and further advance the effects of Astravar ™. Recent breakthrough discoveries have shown significant improvements in the efficacy of Astravar™ when combined with other effective ingredients.
Tom Richardson, Top Secret Nutrition's CEO, states: “When Astravar™ first launched, it hit the market by storm, enhancing the effects of pre-workout supplements across the world. Now this incredible supplement just got better, a lot better. How? We just enhanced it with some of the best ingredients in the market!
The ingredients Tom is referring to are Red Beet Extract, Rhodiola Rosea and BioPerine®. The Astravar 2.0™ formula was designed to “jack” any pre-workout supplement in the market today to a totally new level. Astravar 2.0™ is designed to:

  •     Boost nitric oxide via two pathways
  •     Improve the absorption of performance enhancing ingredients
  •     Increase endurance
  •     Elevate energy levels
  •     Enhance recovery
  •     Help utilize fat as an energy source
  •     Enhance mood, and
  •     Delay fatigue.

The early customer reviews for Astravar 2.0™ are off the charts. In less than two weeks 27 independent customers of have taken the time to review the product giving it an impressive 9.5 out of 10 rating.
The original Astravar™ will continue to co-exist with its younger and more powerful “brother” as both products continue to thrive. Top Secret Nutrition has also added AstraGin™ to some of it other successful supplements such as Natural-T™, a natural testosterone booster, and Creavar™, an effective and creative formulation of a creatine supplement.
Additional information about these supplements and other Top Secret Nutrition products is available at
About Top Secret Nutrition:
Top Secret Nutrition is a developer and marketer of high-quality nutritional supplements with the purpose of “Fueling Active Life Styles 24/7” and is considered a leader in sports nutrition, general heath and weight management supplementation. The company currently has over 40 products spanning across the three supplementation segments. These products are widely available in the United States and increasingly available in international markets.
Top Secret Nutrition is based in Miramar, Florida. All of its products are manufactured in the United States using Good Manufacturer Practices (GMP) certified labs. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Tom Richardson at (954) 496-9600 or tom (at) topsecretnutrition (dot) com.

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