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Author, Sean Platt, Dances Gangnam Style to Celebrate Hitting #1 on Amazon


Author Sean Platt dances Gangnam Style to publicly celebrate hitting #1 on Amazon with their debut release as 47North authors.

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

As fans eagerly awaited Collective Inkwell's newest serial, the 47North Published Z 2134, to break into Amazon's Top 100 last week, author Sean Platt promised the book's Facebook fans that if the book made it into the coveted list, he would dance Gangnam Style to celebrate, then post the video on YouTube.

The celebration ended up being bigger than Facebook fans, or the Collective Inkwell expected. Z 2134 not only broke into the Top 100, the new zombie book grabbed the top spot in Horror.

“I've never felt more like dancing in my life! Though I can hardly call what I did to Gangnam Style dancing. I can't wait until I have a reason to do it again.”

After creating five serialized fiction series, Platt and Wright's indie imprint, Collective Inkwell, was approached by Amazon to write an additional two. After publishing previous series such as Yesterday's Gone, WhiteSpace, and ForNevermore, all in 2012, the writers were accustomed to writing for a live and engaged audience. But it's never been more fun than with Z 2134, their mash up of “The Walking Dead” and “The Hunger Games.” This is the first time the authors were able to focus exclusively on the writing and let Amazon do the rest.

Platt says, “The process has been amazing. Amazon is tremendous to work with, and only want the best for their authors. I can't imagine a richer experience with any other publisher.”

As Z 2134 was climbing the charts, fan energy on the fanpage was matching it. Wright kept fans pumped, updating them on the title's movement, detailing the book's rise from 322 to 161, literally over night...boosting the community's enthusiasm more with every numerical climb.

“If we break the Top 100, Sean should do something super embarrassing like Hugh Howey did when he danced to Solja Boy celebrating the 100 reviews of Wool,” Wright prompted Platt on their Facebook page.

Platt agreed. And left the song choice for his public humiliation to the Facebook fans. Gangnam Style by the Korean rapper Psy, was the unanimous choice.

Viewers have called the video “hysterical.” Since being posted Friday, it has been viewed more than 500 times and is still going strong.

When asked about the next dance, Platt said, “If we can do the break the Top 100 on Amazon when Monstrous comes out in November, maybe I'll dance to Lady Gaga.”

Z is $1.99 now. Will be $5.99 in November when the full book is available.

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