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Lyme Disease Carrier Ticks Spread in Ohio; SprayForBedBugs Recommends Tick Bully to Kill and Prevent the Pest


A specie of tick carrying Lyme Disease was spreading in Ohio. To help residents protect themselves from the pest, SprayForBedBugs suggests the use of Tick Bully pesticide-exempt tick repellent.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

Ticks, along with bed bugs, live off by sucking human or animal blood. And as a number of its kind that carry Lyme Disease spread in Ohio, reported that the state's health department issued a warning to the residents. Wanting to help, SprayForBedBugs recommended to them the use of MyCleaningProducts' pesticide-exempt Tick Bully.

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The said report related that the specific specie of tick now populating Ohio is the blacklegged “deer” tick. It is kind that carry Lyme Disease to humans and animals. However, to wild animals like the deer, it was said to have no effect.

Additionally, the report shared that the deer ticks were already found in 26 counties. The most of them were detected in east of Interstate 71.

In the released warning, the Ohio Health Department gave the residents a number of advises on how to keep the pests away. It particularly told hunters to always tuck in their shirts to their pants and their pants to their socks or boots. It also said to inspect clothes before going indoors or getting into vehicles.

Apart from those two, the report suggested as well the use of spray repellent. And among the many available today, SprayForBedBugs said that the best anyone can get is Tick Bully.
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Manufactured by MyCleaningProducts', Tick Bully has passed several federal programs and guidelines for green cleaners. And it classified as pesticide-exempt, SprayForBedBugs said that it can make tick elimination and prevention effective and safe. So among others, it declared that it's the best tick repellent anyone can get.
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