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New York, NY (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

Looking to get into shape? If so, we may have found the perfect solution for you. This one, unlike 99% of others, is actually backed by real scientific data.

With so many diet fad's out there on the market, its become nearly impossible to know which one is right for you. What makes it even tougher is that every diet program seems to make the same promise. But how many can actually back that promise up?

Well there is a new diet on the market called Raspberry Ultra and this one, unlike most, actually has real merit to it.

Use of the Raspberry Ketone extract has soared ever since Dr Oz called it, the "#1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat" on his Emmy Award-winning daytime show.

The "magic pill" even caught the eye of one of the doctor's leading medical contributors, Lisa Lynn. She swears by this supplement and recommends it to those who want to rid themselves of fat all over their body. On the show Lisa showed off 2 of her patient's results with the ketones. Both lost an astonishing amount of weight - more than 4 dress sizes in just a few months.

Raspberry Ketones

These promising results have come thanks to resent research on a raspberry extract by the name of raspberry ketone. The ketone is a compound found in very small amounts in raspberries. They have long been used in the cosmetics and breakfast cereal industry as a flavoring component because of its fragrant qualities.

A recent study however, has isolated raspberry ketones—the central ingredient in Raspberry Ultra Drops--for testing as a possible weight loss agent.

How Does Raspberry Ultra Drops Work?

The secret to the raspberries fat burning power comes from the ketones - strangely enough they are also responsible for the pleasant aroma of the fruit. The ketones help to slice up the fat inside the cells. How you may ask? Well the key hormone involved in this process its called adiponectin. Adiponectina hormone found in fatty tissue that improves our ability to metabolize fat. More important to dieters, however, is new research showing these compounds can also melt away the pounds.

The Striking Weight Loss Effects of Adiponectin Found in Raspberry Ultra Drops

Using mice as subjects, researchers fed one set of mice a high dosage of adiponectin and left another set—the control group—completely unchanged from their original diets. Scientists were pleasantly surprised to discover that the mice treated with adiponectin (raspberry ketones) lost significant amounts more weight than those in the control group.
Scientists believe that adiponectin—the main active ingredient in Raspberry Ultra Drops--may be helping the body regulate its metabolism thus allowing the body to more effectively burn weight as it should, in fact, giving those who you use raspberry ketones a boost that makes their bodies feels several years younger.

Researchers compare the effects to having the dieters jump in a time machine and return to the healthiest part of their lives, when their bodily metabolisms were at their most effective, easily burning up fat cells rather than allowing these cells to attach to their bodies.

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