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Feldenkrais(r) Lessons Guide Skiers to Greater Power, Grace and Mobility


Skiers reach new levels of performance through McIntyre's innovative Feldenkrais finesse.

Longmont, CO (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

The Feldenkrais Store is pleased to make available Margaret McIntyre's celebrated audio series on dynamic skiing. The series, entitled Integrated Skiing, represents the culmination of McIntyre's years of experience in movement education as a physical therapist, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner(cm), and skiing instructor.

By combining the Feldenkrais Method® with her expertise as a ski instructor, McIntyre provides skiers with a profound and unique way of learning which "automatically leads to improvement in performance." Skiers who think they're never going to manage that next level which instructors make seem so easy, discover that their ability to ski with finesse and power is suddenly enhanced after practicing these Feldenkrais Lessons.

"There is a vital link in the nervous system between feeling and doing," states McIntyre. These Feldenkrais Lessons teach the student to "listen to the body's sensory feedback and make the continual adjustments which lead to versatility and a fluidity of performance on the slopes." By becoming aware of new possibilities for movement in the skeletal and muscular structure, the skier can break out of counter productive habits and explore more efficient ways of negotiating challenging conditions and terrain.

McIntyre places an emphasis on the role of the trunk for efficient and effortless action. Through her audio program, Integrated Skiing, available on CD or MP3, the skier learns how to cultivate a posture that is both dynamic and balanced. He also learns how to access and develop resilience in the most powerful muscles of the body. These muscles, located in the pelvis and the trunk, transmit essential power to the limbs, providing an "internally generated rotary force."

The Feldenkrais Lessons are effective, McIntyre states, because they "work directly with the nervous system." Once you're on the slope, your brain subconsciously utilizes what it has learned.

"The Feldenkrais Lessons in Integrated Skiing include:

  • Instruction on how to listen to, and understand sensory feedback
  • Building your sensory image
  • How to develop a functional relationship between the head, trunk, and pelvis
  • The role of the trunk in skiing
  • How to cultivate dynamic posture and balance
  • How to access and efficiently utilize the muscles in the lower back and pelvis
  • Efficient and mobile rotation of the spine
  • Lateral bending for easy weight shift and angulations
  • Promotion of agile hips
  • Finding and using your power source
  • Discovering the wind-up and release"

All of these lessons build to give you a sense of "how it feels to move correctly." Put together on the slope, they lead to power, grace and efficiency. Margaret McIntyre's CDs are available now at the Feldenkrais Store.

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